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Christmas 2020 Marathon Games Nomination Thread!


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4 minutes ago, babymngaming456 said:

Here's a guide how to play Among Us with friends.


Now you can play with people you trust (mods, Brian, Derich...), instead of making excuses.

The problem is he doesn't like the game itself. He sees it as meme crap and won't desire to try it at all

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If you liked Bugsnax, I feel like you would enjoy Outer wilds. Some wacky characters and one of the most interesting stories. That game had me intrigued from beginning to end.


It's an open world game where you explore your little solar system trying to uncover the big mystery of the game.

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Hi, i am gonna nominate these videogames for the Christmas Marathon . 1. Persona 4 (it came out to PC cheap this year for a cheap price on steam. )

2.Legend of Zelda Windwaker (if i remember correctly you have the Wii U version, which means you can play it for free without paying for it again).

3. Hyrule Warriors : Age Of Calamity

4. Final Fantasy 7 remastered (its on PS4 and Switch too). 

 5. Final Fantasy 10 remastered (its also on PS4 and Switch). Last time i checked Final Fantasy 7 remastered and Final Fantasy 10 remastered were on a cheap price on Nintendo Switch Eshop.

6. Halo 3

7. Counter Strike: Condition Zero on this game from 2004 you have campaign ( i think its the only Counter Strike game with campaign), also in the country i live in its on Steam for 8,42 dollars, it should be a similar price in the USA, its quite cheap and i think it would be cool if you played the campaign on the Christmas Marathon.

8. Supermario Sunshine on Switch

9. Max Payne 1 (great game, its old, but great). And i think this game is cheap on steam too. 

10.  Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door. This game is seen as the best paper mario game ever. It was originally released on the gamecube.  I dont know if you can play this on Wii U, but i hope so. 

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