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Save money, remove these forums?


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Now that Phil is consistently missing the tips goal and getting those pesky chargebacks that put him in the red, why not remove these forums and save money? Phil is very active on twitter and doesn't even bother to check in on his forums to see what his loyal fans are saying! The only time he checked in recently was because of drama and he's probably ghosting the WWE champion threads while he tries to come up with a good scapegoat (lets be real he's just going to delete and ban in the end).

He'd rather be posting reaction gifs than read what anyone from here has to say


He then has the audacity to say he has NO time off stream to do anything, he's just so busy.

Could tagging him on twitter replace these forums?

The money he saves could go towards a green screen, a new laptop or a new 5 star. It's a win win!

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43 minutes ago, MoraMoria said:


Why? "He should come here more often in order to have more conversations" You're a very long time fan of dsp you should already know why this is. You're saying things that you should already know the answers to. Just like the other dude. It's roling the stone up the hill only to watch it roll back down the hill again.

Unless you're being sarcastic of course.


5 minutes ago, Beautifulbutterfly said:

Phil claims he only uses the forums for ask the king and game nominations. 

Exactly. Only for content i.e. money.

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12 minutes ago, planettenon2 said:

It's roling the stone up the hill only to watch it roll back down the hill again.


That's like the third time I hear about the Sisyphus metaphor in this Forum. Although, I'd say that here the rock never rolls back down the hill again.

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3 minutes ago, planettenon2 said:

Lol. Yeah I know. I was debating in my head what to put. I was thinking rock or stone. But you get what I meant right?

Maybe boulder would have been better...

Well... yeah, I wasn't talking about the term you used, but to try and expand the metaphor.

Anyways, to answer your question, I do get what you mean.

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12 minutes ago, KGhaleon said:


This level of passive-aggressiveness is as toxic as that one person who came here to trigger you on Nintendo related topics, and your incident on that Japanese hostess bar, your MO and choice of words is very similar here.

In regards to those other things you mentioned, the first part was done with the Administrator's full knowledge and consent for a purpose, the other part was explained & laid out to the other Administrator already.

And no, I wasn't talking about that, with such attitude you don't deserve to know. Have a nice one.

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6 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

No, the admins knew nothing about it and you lied and gave me attitude whenever I asked.

In regards to Phil, this is false. He knew and you can bet your life on it, so I suggest you don't talk about things you have no knowledge of.

I have no interest in talking about this with you any longer.

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