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Pokémon Clover


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I normally don't play games, specially long RPGs, but someone informed me that this hack-rom existed so I have to try it. The description of it is as follows: "Pokémon Clover is a rom-hack of Pokémon Firered made by 4chan's /vp/ board but unlike Sage, it's more of a joke hack incorporating many internet memes, as well as racial stereotypes."


Turned it up, and these are the starters!




Which one would you choose? I picked "Grasshole" because I'd like to try a plant-type. The game has new dialogue, sprites, and locations. My Poké-ID, I had to censor parts of it to not get Pokéhacked, but the sprite looks super clean, (pixel-art in general looks so cool to me).


Also, look at the beginning, it's super cute:


Useful links:



Download ROM:


Pokemon "Fire Red (U)(Squirrels) GBA ROM":




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Some of the designs for the PC-Boxes are so pretty, and look! There's one that looks like the 4Chan board:

Of course, it's Pokémon Clover because of 4Chan's logo, I didn't remember that it was represented by clovers.



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The AVGN makes a cameo in the game, as well as Todd Howard, somewhere in town:


And these Pokéballs are really bad, that's why we need the tariffs:

MPGA, (Make Pokémon Great Again)


That is so not "PC":


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Are the baddies Redditors? Not sure, but it could explain a lot of things.


And the plot thickens...


It's also nice when people accept me for who I am, but the game doesn't know if I'm Jewish or not.


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AVGN, (only the sprite, the character is another person), makes an appearance:


And of course we have the boy with the "waifu" pillow:


What a creep...


Then you get to the next town, where you can win a bike in a "pissing contest"! That's different from the original game.


To no avail...


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This is my team so far, but this game requires to grind way more than in others. I'd say that's the mayor negative aspect of it, because it's really well done otherwise. When things like this happens, it reminds me of some Dragon Quest games I've played, that's why I try to stay away from long RPGs.




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Not a single shekel was dropped!


In this game there's some curious types of trainers, like neckbeards, furries, feminists and "trannies", (they're addressed as such). I really don't like this guy, he's at Tumblrita's Gym, the sanctuary of modern feminism & radical SJWs:


I like this guy, though:


But there's more types, like immigrants, "memers", and who knows what else:


I like where this is going...


I so want a Hanginy! <3


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Oh, this Pokémon is hilarious, Anonymouse:


Along the way, they give me a plushie! But... something's wrong...


Classic Pokémon Clover:


You know some people get attached to their mons, to the point where the game has to remind the player. Thank you!


I present you the super 1337-haxxor Gym leader:


Then you get to another area where they introduce 3 more new starters, you can choose between:







I chose Cloucat, even though I probably won't use it.

Also, this old man teaches you the movement "Protect", and in classic Clover fashion:


Finally, another memorable duo in the game, the Meth-Cookers


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Found a visual glitch on Route 7. Reminds me when I used to modify some ROMs' maps, had to be careful to keep track on the elements' layers & properties:


Also, this city is really weird...


But, you finally learn to fly!


You also get some valuable information for your next adventure:


And of course, the Pokémon of the week! Chancer! It's so cute:


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They did it, they made that reference from "Sakigake!! Otokojuku":




There's also a reference to TCAP, the police station of the city is where it's at, but... you can also get Pokémons with them in their names/OTs from Wondertrades, just like this one, it's from Hansen:


Check it out! I got duped when I bought something, hopefully I can return it if I have the receipts...


Just my luck, I got 2 shinies... of the same Pokémon:



Then we have the horrible Sonic mon. Yes, that is what you think it is, and the cry it makes is also horrible:


I get to ask the professor on the state of my Pokédex! Yay‼

Oh boy! I wonder how I'm doing?


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My DRAGQUEEN uses "Gay Agenda"! This move only works on same gender Poké-enemies.


I keep doing Wondertrades, so many references from the trainers. Harry Potter sends me his Voldemort:


I finally do what I was planning, to fully evolve a Hanginy. I absolutely love all stages of this Pokémon:


The sprite for Unjoy is also pretty cool, when looked at from the Menu:


You also won't believe the cries from these mons:


Once again, I ask the professor on my Pokédex!


And the artwork from the back of some of them is pretty cool! There are some weird ones out there.


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Wanted to share these Pokémons. The first one is a jab at Reddit, and he's not that great when it comes to stats:


Then we have this one, it looks like a Luvdisc with panties on. It's also not great:


And finally, a reference to Chris Chan! Having this in the game was an imperative.


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I've been trying to create the best subjects for my party, that's right, using the game's equivalent for biotechnology & eugenics.

There are two main phases, first one involving getting the desired nature of the creature; second one involving getting the desired IVs, which are the equivalent of genes. To maximize efficiency of both processes, we do the following:

First Phase, (Nature):

We get hold of a Pokémon with the desired nature, and the ability "Synchronize". This is easily done by mass-breeding mons with that ability, until you get the one/s you need. Once that's done, you already have the "bait" necessary to acquire any other mon that matches the nature of yours from here on now, (it'll need to be on the first slot to take effect when you go hunting). This is because the ability "Synchronize" will heavily increment the chance of you to have wild encounters with Pokémons of the same nature, making it by far, the most consistent method to acquire what you need.

Once you capture the one you want that has the correct nature, you can then check its IVs. If they are no worse than decent, you can proceed, if not, re-capturing a better one should take little effort due to the Synchronize-bait.

Now, you'll equip the item "Everstone" to the captured creature, since it'll also heavily raise the probability that its offspring will match the parent's nature.

Second Phase, (IVs):

You need to get a Ditto/Ditto-equivalent Pokémon, which in Clover is "Blobbos". It's also convenient that you can get a Blobbos with perfect IVs through Wondertrade, a good thing since it needs the best IVs possible. You already have what it's needed to maximize the chance of getting a mon with the best traits: put the captured one with the Ditto-equivalent in the Day Care.


Offspring will most likely inherit the desired nature of the parent with "Everstone", and the IVs will be both inherited and randomized, however since both parents have been selected to have the better ones, the offspring will most likely be created with great traits, sometimes even perfect, depending on how much effort you put on selecting the parents.


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  • 3 weeks later...

I decided to finish what I started, I passed the League with this team:


These are nearly perfect Pokémons in regards to IVs, nearly perfect EV-trained in the stats they need, and have the most efficient nature. Three of them specialize in having powerful & diverse Special-Attack moves; two of them in heavy Physical-Attack moves; and one in slow-killing/attrition-warfare/heavy-defense strategy.

And so, Moria's Clover-adventure was reaching the end...


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14 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

what the fuck is this reality

A game full of memes and references, it's also notably more difficult than the original Pokémon.

That's why I had to "engineer" my team, (up there), and create near perfect subjects.

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Bonus Content: I defeated Broly & 9CHAN in a Pokémon battle!

9CHAN is just the rival on this game, but he has all his team maxed out by the time you encounter him on the Lighthouse. Broly is just the Gym-Leader on a very peculiar city... he's supposedly very strong, but with a carefully planned team you can defeat him without much trouble.



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1 hour ago, KGhaleon said:

When will this masterpiece get a sequel?

I don't keep up with Poké-hackroms, but I doubt this one is getting a sequel any time soon.

It's been a while since I beat it, (or did pretty much everything except for the multiplayer-building?, that was permanently under renovations at that time), so I don't have my file anymore.

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