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the danganronpa V3 playthrough


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hello i was watching the danganronpa v3 playthrough on youtube when i was spoiled by a donation message appearing on the screen there was no warning or anything could you upload a video of such a game with spoilers appearing on the screen? i am pretty disappointed with the way dsp is handling this game I've watched the playthroughs of both other danganronpa games he's done but i am considering watching it somewhere else how can you upload a video of such a game with messages that ruin the entire story flashing randomly on the screen without warning 


please remove the twitch donation messages from the youtube video or just place something that blocks out the ones that spoil the story of danganronpa honestly its ridiculous i have to even say that .


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Oh noes... I can see the desperation in your eyes...


You need to tell him on stream because he'll probably miss this thread, but even then, he might not do anything about it. He's not going to block specific messages, it's either going to be all or nothing.

But then how are donators going to get the ephemeral dopamine-rush when making regulars PogChamp at the notifications? Maybe hiding the message, and not the animation?

Well... he'd have to go to the editor and maybe spend a couple of minutes, so... maybe...


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