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Dead Space 2 - Zealot


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I humbly request a redemption run :biggrin:

Let me explain.

After watching random clips of Phil's 2nd playthrough, I decided to play that mode myself after many years.

The very 1st thing I noticed (and that the game will tell you right away) is that in this game, as opposite to the original, stasis recharges overtime.

The 2nd was that upgrading HP requires more way more power nodes than anything in the game.

And that's when I thought "mhhh. In a console game where you have to be aiming very precisely, you can't dodge and most enemies are fast and have to get closer to hit you, what's the one thing you really want to improve about your characters? Could it be stasis?"  So I went and put everything I had on stasis FIRST, and spent the rest of the available nodes on reload times and rate of fire.

After I beat the game (it was pretty tough), I went back to phil's playthrough, and that's when I noticed something was already off:


Now let me be clear on this: there's really no wrong way to approach this mode, only bad execution. Some parts will catch you off guard no matter how prepared your loadout is, however...




yes, the starter weapon (plasma cutter) is crazy good if pushed to the max, but unfortunately it doesn't allow for ground control, so in order to compensate for a true alternate fire more, you do need good stasis. In a mode that kills you so fast, you want to avoid taking damage at all costs, and you can only hit so many enemies at the time when playing with a controller.


... and this is when I thought "well, of course he must have upgraded the statis at some point. Stasis packs are pretty pricey, and the game only gives you stasis recharge stations in puzzles rooms and a couple of important encounters". So imagine my shock when I jumped ahead in the playthrough and saw this.



That's right: Phil really went through the hardest available mode of the game without ever upgrading stasis :O

He still beat it, so thumbs up for that, but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't use stasis at all.


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