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Phil is ranting , AGAIN, about the game being a Rogue-like, AGAIN, as I'm writing this. :happy:


now please allow me to debunk his poins real quick:

- you can't save your progress:

WRONG. The map retains all the information and you do keep some unlockables

- every time you die you restart from completely from scratch

WRONG. all the previous knowledge of the game is intact, in your head. The game is balanced in a way that that's enough to be good at it.  that's the entire point of playing a rogue-like. 

Restarting THIS game from scratch  is different that restarting COD Yolo Mode or The Last Of Us from scratch

- I've played rogue-likes before! 

NO. Transistor and Bastion aren't roguelikes.

- It's procedurely generated! No handcrafted level!  Poor level design ahead!

Right, but also WRONG. The general map stays the same forever. what changes is the order of the areas. And yes there is some degree of human-made crafting to the levels. If no one told you it's procedural, you would have never noticed.


With that said, he's about to go on pre-stream break.

Lemme grap some popcorns...


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49 minutes ago, KGhaleon said:

You pretty much just contradicted yourself. Most rogue lite games have permanent upgrades that you keep so you're always slowly progressing and becoming stronger. Doesn't change the fact that you can't save your progress. You start anew each run unless you leave the game in sleep mode.

Dude only streams for 3-4 hours, meaning if he doesn't beat a level in time he'll have to start all over from the beginning next stream. The bosses alone will take numerous attempts.

What was he wrong about exactly?

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For some reason Phil believe that this each biome takes 3 hours to beat. That's obviously not true.

He's afraid of dying cause he believes that'd result in a wasted of time... but then he does everything reeeeally sloooow .


@PhiIif you're reading this, this isn't a Ghouls And Ghosts.   It's ok to die, and you're not supposed to go inspect everything. The map will take note of thing for you.

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Ok, so... crazy idea


Considering that Divinity streams are low and Returnal is just a lame roguelike... how about Phil drops both playthroughs and explores, with those who made the Divinity playthrough possible , the possibility of switching to HADES?



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