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A Day With Phil


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So I got this cool idea about a video showing Phil's average day and what he does during his work hours. I think the ones who do request more and more from Phil would have an insight in his average life.

​His problem has always been oversharing; he's so think skinned about getting criticized for his kahn-tent that the worst thing he could do is open up his personal life to criticism.  

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Sometimes I think: do you really need to show off your private life like that, just for a few views, where everybody could see every corn of dust and dirt in your hose, odd color designs etc.? I dont want that, and fans should not demand that. There has a line to be drawn. I would never show the place I live, my bed or my bathroom just because of that. It would only cause pointless discussions.

People should not fascinate about Phil's toilet, but for his playthroughs.

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Hmmm Phil's average day...I wonder what that would look like? Stop and think about that for a minute. 

Oh wait, the content of his videos are the direct product of Phil's average day, he plays video games. The End.


Besides he already shows us so much, its mind boggling just how open he is about his life.

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KG's suggestion of draw my life is actually a good idea.
...Though it'd probably have to be with crayon and he'd need to get his subscribers to watch on LiveStream and tell him how to draw the lines. And the crayon would eventually break and he'd be all like, "WTF THIS IS BUGGED!" but still record and upload the whole thing anyway and when we ask him to do it properly, he'd just call us self-entitled idiots.

Actually... no, I'm fine without him doing a Draw My Life.

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