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Phil and gaming news


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Honest question: how does Phil manage to get every single gaming news wrong?


This just yesterday:

Ubisoft: "We'll be focusing on AAA free-to-play games"  (basically Genshin Impact)

Phil: "Ubisoft stated that they will be focusing on free-to-play games, rather than full fledged AAA games, so they're targeting people who are not like us and play mobile games for one hour and put it down"



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There are a couple of times I decided to look at his Twitch and saw the news segment. What he was saying was pretty inaccurate and seemed like it was really just a launching point to talk about his opinion and interpretation of the news. Other news stories that would have been a good topic were skipped and the ones that were covered sounded like he skimmed what they were about. But if people actually cared, they'd read or watch the source of the news instead of someone trying to recall the news.

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