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Need help streaming from Xbox Series X


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So I used to stream to Twitch directly on the app from my Xbox One S using the Xbox One Kinect to get both video and audio. Well, with the new Xbox, as I understand it, they disabled the use of the Kinect entirely, and have not come out yet with an official camera for it. I did some research and found there are some recommended alternatives that are supposed to be compatible. However, I have now tried two of them: a Logitech C930e, and a Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000. Both times, I have run across the same problem. When I try to stream using Twitch (again, using the Twitch app on Xbox itself), the app will pick up the camera just fine and I've even tested it to make sure, but it refuses to detect a microphone. I've checked my Xbox privacy permissions, I've uninstalled and reinstalled Twitch, I've unplugged the camera from the XBox, NOTHING works to make Twitch detect the mic on the webcam, it's always greyed out. I feel like the only solution I have now is to buy and hook up a headset and hope it works as a mic, but I wouldn't know which one to get. I'd rather not invest in a capture card because OBS is so complicated to me that I have no clue how to use it. I miss when XSplit, which I found to be much easier to use, wasn't so fucking greedy and you used to be able to stream in 1080p without having to pay for it.

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It is best to suck it up, and grab a video capture card. You get more control over how you want your games to look that way. It's not like the Xbox Series X is going to make you deal with HDCP or analog video or something else that makes recording games difficult.

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Added thing about analog video and bullshit HDCP.
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