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I think I understand why Phil is getting so much lag on SF and CoD. Two theories...


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First off im a long time watcher but, never interact in chat. 

My theories are his syvanos thumb is causing issues with the controllers. Admitely this is absurd but, I don't know what else to say.

Second are trolls DDOSing his internet or purposely joining his games with bad connections. They're always fcking with Phil.

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I think his lag is bullshit in CoD honestly, I play a lot of fighting games too and I definitely experience a lot of what Phil gets, you end up with bad connections either due to distance between one another or the opponent playing on a shoddy setup like Wi-fi, which is extremely common on Playstation for whatever reason. 

I think he stretches the truth about the lag in fighting games too though, you get general slowdown and dropped inputs or skipped frames, but never have I ever seen a fighting game that supposedly makes your character do something you didn't do (like a kick instead of a punch, for example) due to lag. Sure, you can get dropped inputs where you press a punch button and get nothing, but if it gives you the incorrect move, 100% of the time it's because that's the button you pressed.

CoD is a game where in 300 or so hours of Cold War I rarely experience any lag, and not to the extent DSP does, and I've never heard of anyone other than DSP experiencing lag to the extent that he does. A lot of the times he blames lag he just blatantly missed the guy he was shooting at too. I don't think he genuinely never lags but again, like in SF, the things he claims the lag is causing are just not possible which makes it come across as an excuse.

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