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Any Tips and Advice for making art, for Dsp's pre-streams.


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Okay. So I'm curious, I see that alot of people make fan art for Dsp's pre-streams, and some for Maximillian Doods/Yovideogames channel as well. And in the case of Dsp's channel, I'm thinking about making a few pics, for Dsp's pre stream too, if I ever get some time. So my questions are:

1) What pixel size and resolution, should the pics be in? Eg. 1500x400 etc?

2) What is the file size limit for a pic? Eg. 2mb or 4mb etc?

3) What file format? Jpeg? Png? Targa?

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  • musicboy changed the title to Any Tips and Advice for making art, for Dsp's pre-streams.
2 hours ago, musicboy said:


  • I'd suggest a 16/9 ratio image so that it fills the entire screen. If your created image ends up with another ratio, just put it on top of a "black background/whatever other background you want" that is 16/9.
  • Make sure there's no alpha-channel or transparency for the final image, unless you want to see a hint of Phil moving on the cam when the slides are running. He usually puts the cam below the slides on OBS, that's why if there's either transparency or the image doesn't fill 100% of the space, chances are you'll see what's "behind" it, or part of it. Some people pulled some funny "jokes" by taking advantage of this.
  • I don't think file-size is an issue, you can make it as big as you want but I'd suggest not go overboard, (i.e: maybe don't make it >25 MB).
  • For file format, I don't think it really matters, if you can, make it .png, but if you do that make sure there's no alpha-channel like I've said, (unless it's intended for some reason). If you don't care, .jpg will be fine.

Example of image that is not originally 16/9, but instead of stretching it to make it as such, you can put it on a background that is 16/9:


Example of what the Prestream will look like if the image you make is not 16/9:


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