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Tips & Help Thread: Dying Light


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Yeah yeah I know I know. I'm late with this. Soo Dying Light huh? From the direct creators of the Dead Island games. I honestly didn't give this game much attention because the name didn't peak my interest in the slightest but I guess I'll watch the playthrough to see how good it is.

PS. Doing this very early in the morning and its hard to focus.

Disclaimer: Please note that in all Tips & Help Threads, there will be NO kind of Story-Related Spoilers in their list. All lists will be kept as Spoiler-Free as possible. I advice everyone that provides their own tips and suggestions to not give any kind of Story-Relate Spoilers that will ruin the immersion and fun of other players. Please be respectful and appreciative. Thank You.

  1. Keep in mind that most of the game is similar to Dead Island so exploring and collecting items to craft other things help improve your weaponry. If you played Dead Island before or watched a playthrough, the info is invaluable. You can also find secret items out of lit areas.
  2. Like always, aiming for the head yields the best results.
  3. By leaving X pressed, you activate your "Survivor Senses" to know where there are lootable items. Honestly...this is EXACTLY like the Sonar Ping in Dragon Age Inquisition. The exact same thing.
  4. By also using Survivor Sense, it shows you were the quest marker is. So if you get lost, use SS.
  5. Parkour is an essential part in the game. Learn the nook and cranies of the important areas in the game as you will be running hard through those areas. Think of this like Mirror's Edge....I'm serious, think as if your ACTUALLY playing Mirror's Edge. 
  6. As your rank increases, you obtain the ability to equip better clothes and items to help you fight enemies. Higher Survivor Rank = Better Equipment
  7. Visit the Quartermaster everytime to get yourself some free loot.
  8. If you see a large Colored[usuall Red] Trunk, go to it and gets what's inside. These red chests are basically where you can obtain special loot, clothing or weapons if you look careful enough. In order to open them, Lockpicks are essential. If you don't have any, use Metal Parts to craft them.
  9. With the addition of large Trunks, there are Police Vans[Hard], Yellow Delivery Vans[Medium], and Ambulances[Easy] that can also be lock picked. Although, their difficulties may vary from time to time aside from the Norm.
  10. Once you enter a Safe Zone, you'll have nothing to worry about having a Zombie surprising you from the back.
  11. As you explore the map, you'll find Safe Zones that aren't so safe and are inactive[Red Houses]. Kill all zombies inside the Zone to re-activate the Safe Zone[Green House].
  12. Blueprints can be found all around the world; from missions, to shops to open exploration.
  13. Use your stamina sparingly, don't use it all quickly and rapidly. You'll become tired too quickly and be easy chowder for the zombies and other human enemies.
  14. Items in Green are blueprints, Red are collectibles, white are normal items. 
  15. Rarity goes from worse to best: White for Common, Green for Good, Blue for Rare, Purple for Epic, and Orange for Legendary. The better the weapon, the better the attack, durability and handling and more slots for upgrades.
  16. The more you run and preform Parkour, the higher your Agility Level becomes. This will allow you to out maneuver your enemies and increase your stamina.
  17. When you obtain Dodge, use it! It will save you alot more times than Batman did with Robin.
  18. Same as Survivor and Agility, applies with Combat. The more creative ways you can kill enemies, the faster you'll level up in Combat.
  19. Aside from Survivor, both Agility and Combat can be heavily farmed/grind on the Open World in order to reach a higher level before even starting much the Main Missions.
  20. Before going off on your on to do the Main Mission later, I HIGHLY advice you atleast get Survivor Rank 2 and get the Backpack Upgrade before anything else. Inventory space is king in games like these.
  21. Explore as much as you can before you end a Day Light shift. Who knows what people, items, or enemies you might miss before continuing on with the story. 
  22. ALL Chests[Even Red Trunks] and Boxes are re-lootable. Meaning once you change a Day Light shift, everything will respawn with new items and a chance to obtain rarer ones if you didn't get any from it before.
  23. As you explore the world, you'll encounter blue "Radio" Icons; these are survivors in need of help. Save them and you'll be rewarded with Survivor Points and either a weapon or craft item.
  24. It's sometimes best to dismantle items to obtain crafting items to use later than selling. There are many valuables to sell in the world so try to focus on dismantling weapons instead of selling them.
  25. If you're having trouble with some zombies, you'll notice that there was spiked objects against walls. Push them onto those spikes and you'll be able to kill them alot faster without sacrificing your weapon's durability.
  26. Almost exactly to FarCry 3-4, you will later have to climb up Antenna Towers to reveal the Map more.
  27. If you stay at night too long, you'll start encountering the "Nightmares". But on the flip side, you'll get x2 Agility and Combat points while you play at night in-game.
  28. There will be zombies with Hazmat suits. If you hit the red tank behind them, it will swirl them up into the air, killing them instantly and causing AoE Damage to everything in it's close vicinity. But this is a double-edged sword, it will also attract strong zombies to the area.
  29. Bombers are very deadly. Don't fight them head on. If you do, they will blow on you and damage anyone in a 3 Meter[9 Feet] Radius. Hit them from long range and they'll damage the other zombies instead of you.
  30. Kicking doesn't expend stamina so you can infinitely use kicks to stun zombies and keep them away while your stamina recovers.
  31. When you hit them and all of a sudden, you get an x-ray effect on zombies, it means they're stunned.
  32. Its best that once you start finding multiple guns of the same name, you should sell them for fast cash. And if you have any of the Barter skills in Survivor, their value increases even more.
  33. Head shooting a Zombie/Human gives MORE Combat EXP than just body shots. This becomes best in Night Time.
  34. By the time you start reaching the newest zone, you'll be finding Melee weapons that go beyond 400 Damage. If you do, break everything else for Metal Parts.
  35. With powerful melee weapons now, if you can One-Shot a zombie, you'll usually get 200-300 Combat EXP. Do this at night and it becomes 400-600 Combat EXP.
  36. TBA


Thank you everyone for coming here and those that have the desire to help others in improving their game. This post will be under constant updating when it is required or when someone has information they wish to share with the community. I appreciate everyone that comes here and give a helping hand to others. If you all enjoyed this thread and the information given, please UpVote the post and share your thoughts. The Tips & Help Threads are here to help anyone and everyone in their time of need. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask and the answer will come to you. Now I explained in the Rules Thread but I will say it again, please remain on topic and provide tips; this is not a general discussion of the game. Once again, Thank you!


Credits To The Extraordinary



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