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DSP plays Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown


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So for the past few weeks, I saw and enjoyed watching Phil play Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown. And I even saw that people on other gaming forums, mentioned him playing VF5 Ultimate Showdown.

Phil might consider himself to be a noob with Jeffrey and Shun Di, but he definitely has some skills with Shun Di, despite him spamming the same db+P, K move over and over again, until some VF pro player unexpectedly came on stream,  ( I wasn't expecting him to appear on Phils stream. Wow!) and gave Phil advice, to use the mule kick thing as a mix up. And he even showed up on Phil's last VF5 stream too.

Virtua Fighter is the most advanced complex fighting game out there, so my advice to DSP is, to try his best to take more advice from people in the chat, who are knowledgeable about the game, (even though he did). But that chat moves so fast sometimes, even I lose track of what is going on.

Hopefully, that VF player shows up again next time Phil plays VF5 Ultimate Showdown, and gives Phil some more tips, like the one where he told Phil how to easily deal with Sarahs annoying kick attacks, and Phil supposedly didn't see it, otherwise he would have most likely, defeated most of the Sarah players.

So congrats to Phil, for learning to play Virtua Fighter, getting wins and losing too. If he decides to play it again, I am curious to see how he will fare against Justin Wong, Matt Simmons and Maximillian Dood, since they recently started playing online too. If he does encounter them, those matches might be interesting to watch.

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