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Games that were (really) badly ported to better hardware


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Exactly what it says on the tin. Games that somehow ran better on older and weaker hardware mainly due to a really crappy porting job. Of course, a lot of PC ports and PS1-to-N64 ports will flood this thread. I still want to hear about games that somehow could not take advantage of better hardware.

Please exclude Xbox 360 to PS3 ports for now, those had a pretty obvious reason as to why they ran like garbage. I want to have this forum contain more interesting results.

I am also not looking for games that ran worse on weaker hardware, as that's understandable and obvious. Although, if you ask me, games should never, under any circumstance, be ported to weaker hardware, ever. It'll result in an inferior version that absolutely no one wants.

Let's get the elephant out of the room and list 2 of the worst ports ever right here:

Sonic Genesis - The official Game Boy Advance rerelease of Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit). Game Boy Advance version suffers from Frame Rate problems, slowdown, botched physics (worst physics in any Sonic game, ever), and many additional bugs and glitches. Basically unplayable.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions had an official "remaster". It was obviously really, really, bad. Performance issues weren't as bad as Sonic Genesis, but makes up for it by being a really, really insanely glitchy buggy unplayable mess! Seriously, they broke so much more than you could imagine in this release!

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Okay, this one was still functional, technically it played well on the newer hardware. However, I have issue with not how it runs, but with how it removed content.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is not a good port from Wii U to Switch. Arguably the worst first-party Switch port of the whole lot. The problem was not that it became a glitchy mess or had unplayable performance. At least it's playable, however, it did a really, really bad thing, IT REMOVED CONTENT. It wasn't even content that would only be possible due to using both the DRC and external monitor, it was just removed for no good reason. Boost Rush was simply gutted from this port (but levels for it are still in the data!).

The added content did not do much to make up for Boost Rush being removed. The addition of Toadette did not improve much. Would've been fine as an alternate skin for Toad. But no, they managed to find a way to make it kind of detract from the game. The reason it detracts from the game is because of the new Power-Up, the Super Crown. It is a Power-Up that only Toadette can use, it is useless as any other character, it also appears more frequently than necessary. A simple solution would be to have no one play as Toadette in single-player, however, THIS PORT FORCES ONE OF THE PLAYERS TO PLAY AS TOADETTE. It makes multiplayer even worse than it was before.

It also adds in a new spin jump that screws up precision platforming. On its own, it wouldn't be an issue, if you are able to disable it. However, you can't just waltz in to a settings or controls menu to disable it, YOU DISABLE IT BY USING AN UNDOCUMENTED CHEAT CODE!

So yeah, between removed content that had no reason to be removed, added content that wasn't very good, control issues, and a $60 price tag (I was able to find physical copies of New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U sold together for less than that), makes this port not a very worthwhile game for anyone's Switch collection. I cannot believe the Wii U version is somehow the definite version of this game!

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the PS2.

The dreamcast version ran really good, probably because the arcade version of the game, and the dreamcast version, both run on naomi hardware. But the PS2 port, though not bad is a bit buggy, and has some silly glitches.

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Silent Hill 2, each port of the game introduced additional problems. The PS2 version is still the definitive version (unless we count mods).

The Xbox port was missing some graphical effects.

The PC port added a bunch of glitches.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 port are the absolute worst version, mainly because Konami somehow lost the finished source code, so this version was based on unfinished code.

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