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Sonic the Hedgehog timeline


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The Sonic the Hedgehog timeline was the only one I actually figured out for myself. The Sonic timeline isn't actually straightford, a lot of games raised a lot of questions as to when they take place. There usually isn't a lot of evidence to suggest as to when exactly these games happen, so there will be a lot of speculation. If there were a lot of evidence, then there would've been an official timeline, amd this post wouldn't exist.

First, I would actually state this before diving head-first into the timeline, there are two Sonic universes in the games, one populated by humans that are human ("normal world", with Earth), and one popupated by anthropomorphic animals instead of humans (Sol Dimension, with Mobius), these two universes do end up crossing paths a few times in the timeline. Both universes have some similarities, I will point those out as we go down the timelines. They eventually merge, and unite together into one timeline.

Now, let's start with an event consistent across both timelines. The Disaster with Perfect Chaos. In Sonic Adventure, we learn that Pachacamac wants to seize the 7 Emeralds so he and the rest of the Echidna Tribe can gain power to conquer more territories. Tikal tries to stop him, but she is then run over by the Echidna Tribe. Chaos comes out, and turns into Perfect Chaos for the first time to destroy the Echidna Tribe, and the rest of the world. Tikal stops Perfect Chaos's rampage by sealing herself and Chaos inside the Master Emerald. All that is canon, the rest of this paragraph is basically speculation from here on out, although it is supported by some evidence from games like Sonic 2 (16-bit) and Sonic 3D Blast as well as a big portion of the community. The result of sealing Chaos inside the Master Emerald caused a lot of the surrounding land to rise up into the sky, creating Angel Island. A few more islands were created when Angel Island was basically ripped from the mainland, South Island, Westside Island, and Flickies' Island. After a lot of time, the islands drifted further away from mainland, and most of Atlantis sunk, creating ruins such as Labyrinth Zone, Aqua Lake Zone, Aqua Planet Zone, Labyrinth of the Castle, Aquatic Ruin Zone, and Regal Ruin. One of the Chaos Emeralds are sealed away inside of Westside Island, so if anyone were to hunt for the Emeralds, they won't get the ultimate power unless they somehow find a way to crack the seal to enter the Special Stage, and then collect enough rings. Only then will that 7th Emerald be awarded to the Emerald hunter, which eventually happens in both universes.

That was a lot. Like I said, there is surprisingly a lot when it comes to Sonic. Up next, I will put the events of the Sol Dimension in order, as well as explain the crossovers between the universes when they happen.

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Now on to the Sol Dimension, the one without humans. In this universe, Sonic does not live with humans, and the blue planet Sonic lives on could be refered to as mobius. Although not confirmed, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog could have happened in this timeline, although that is not likely. Due to being an alternate universe, the events of the Classic or Dreamcast eras never happen here, there is no Space Colony ARK. Lastly, there are no humans, except for two, Eggman and Eggman Nega.

The games, in order by when they take place:

The storybook games, Sonic and The Secret Rings, and Sonic and the Black Knight. They both have the same Sonic as the rest of this timeline. However, these two games take place in a subcon, as these games will not have much bearing on the rest of the games. Only Sonic himself truly remembers what happened in those games.

Sonic Colors (Wii, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), Sonic and Tails go up to Dr Eggman's Amusement Park and foil Eggman's plan to use hyper-go-on energy he takes from Wisps to create an ultimate mind-control ray. After this game, while most Wisps go back to their planets, some stay on Mobius, making Mobius another habitat for Wisps.

Sonic Lost World (all versions), Sonic and Tails somehow find The Lost Hex, long after Wisps did. Eggman was on their tail however, because he was able to attack Sonic and Tails, after which, they crash-landed on The Lost Hex. Sonic and Tails then meet the Deadly Six, and then they go stop Eggman's scheme again, this time, his Scheme was to mind-control the Deadly Six and make them stop Sonic and Tails. After this, Sonic and Tails go back home with their friends.

Sonic Generations (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC), Sonic showed up to his party and was surprised. Then the Time-Eater attacks and destroys the world, somehow. Eventually Sonic meets up with Sonic and Tails from the "normal world". This is actually the second time the Sonic from the "normal world" visits Mobius. Both Sonics go and defeat the Time-Eater, and then head Sonic and Tails go back to the "normal world".

Q: So if Classic Sonic was actually just Sonic from the "normal world", then why does Sonic Generations keep saying he's from the past? And how was it the second time he visited Mobius despite being the first time characters from Mobius saw Classic Sonic?

A: That's because Tails eventually learns that Classic Sonic was actually the Sonic from the "normal world" by the time we get to Sonic Forces. Tails learned about Time-Eater's dimension manipulation powers alongside the Phantom Ruby's ability to take people across dimensions. Most likely, the Time-Eater created the original Phantom Ruby we saw in Sonic Mania, as well as the one Eggman saw in Rise of Infinite. As the Time-Eater can and will travel across dimensions. The reason it's the second time Sonic from the "normal world" visits Mobius despite being the first time anyone from Mobius saw him is because the first time he visited Mobius was in Sonic Forces. The Time-Eater simply took Sonic from the "normal world" again, but put him into the past this time.

Rise of Infinite, Eggman finds the original Phantom Ruby and then tries to clone it. Jackal Squad attacks Eggman, but then manages to convince the squad to join him in his conquest to take over the world.

Looming Shadow, E-123 Omega is destroyed by Infinite. Shadow starts to go to Omega's last known position.

Episode Shadow, Shadow meets Infinite for the first time. Infinite then puts Shadow into an Illusion to test his new power. Shadow has basically been defeated by Infinite and is order to return to base.

Stress Test, Silver comes from the future and warns Knuckles of a looming threat to the future. After they both see a demonstration of Infinite's new power, Knuckles agrees to become the leader of the resistance against this then-unknown threat.

Sonic Forces, Eggman uses Infinite's help to take over the whole world. The resistance takes back the world from Eggman and Infinite. Sonic arrives from the "normal world", unknown how to get back, he helps out Tails and eventually the rest of the resistance. At the end of the game, Sonic from the "normal world" returns to the "normal world".

IDW comic, These take place after Sonic Forces.

Sonic Rivals, Eggman Nega comes from the future to help Eggman try and stop Sonic and his friends.

Sonic Rivals 2, Same thing as previous game.

This is the entire Sol Dimension timeline up to the point it merges, if this was too long to read, then here's the short version: storybook games, Sonic Colors (Wii, PS4, Xbox 360, PC), Sonic Lost World, Sonic Generations (PS3, Xbox 360, PC), Rise of Infinite, Looming Shadow, Episode Shadow, Stress Test, Sonic Forces, IDW comics, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2.


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On 7/31/2021 at 2:52 PM, mcroix said:

Which timeline has Robotnik?  :ph34r:

I am getting to that. Although, if you want the answer right now, it's the "normal world", with Earth, unless Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog are a part of the Sol Dimension with Mobius, but that's not likely.

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Alright, without further ado, when can finally get to the other universe, the "main universe", with Earth. This timeline is much longer. It will be split across multiple posts, so I won't get through all of it in this one post

First, we start with the ARK incidents. Basically the United Federation created Space Colony ARK, a huge space colony that orbits around Earth. A bunch of experiments were being worked on up there. The most notable one caused a lot of the events that happen later in the timeline, the Ultimate Lifeform. Maria got sick with a disease, so Professor Gerald Robotnik started working on the Ultimate Lifeform so they could use it for medical experimentation to help find a cure for Maria's disease. There was a big prototype created, but it wasn't tamable or complete, so he tried again. This time, the Black Comet arrived in Earth's orbit as it does every 50 years. Black Doom found Professor Gerald Robotnik and made a deal with him. He could use Black Doom's blood to help him finish the Ultimate Lifeform now, but in exchange, they will need to bring him the Chaos Emeralds to him in 50 years. After that, Professor Gerald worked on the Eclipse Canon to protect Earth from any possible future invaders. However GUN got concerned with Professor Gerald Robotnik's experiments on the ARK, so they basically sent some soldiers up there to arrest most scientists, and shoot others who resist. After they shot Maria, Professor Gerald Robotnik grew a hatred for the humans, and wanted revenge, so he programmed the ARK to crash into the Earth when all 7 Chaos Emeralds were inserted into the console. GUN then caught up to him, and executed him.

That still excluded some small details, I tried to type as complete of a picture as possible with all that! Before we get to the classic era proper, which we won't get to in this post, we will discuss Dynamite Dux.

Dynamite Dux, Achacha showed up and grabbed Lucy to bring her to his brothel while she was masterbating, Bin and Pin stopped jerking each other off as they wanted some action at Achacha's brothel. Bin later impregnated Lucy, and Lucy later laid an egg. From that Egg, Bean the Dynamite hatched. Yes, this is canon. Yes, I accepted that dirty secret of the Amiga and Atari ST versions as canon.

In the next post, we will discuss the first third of the classic era.

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Long overdue, but here's the next part of the "normal world":

Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System, Game Gear): Eggman attacks South Island for the very first time. He starts industrializing and polluting South Island. Sonic found the six Chaos Emeralds laying around, and defeated Eggman. Sonic then uses the six Chaos Emeralds to clean up the pollution on South Island.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System, Game Gear): Sonic meets Tails on South Island. Soon after, Eggman kidnaps Tails and takes him to Crystal Egg Zone. Sonic finds the six Chaos Emeralds, defeats Eggman, and saves Tails.

Sonic Chaos, South Island is sinking, Sonic and Tails go find the six Chaos Emeralds to stop South Island from sinking into the ocean. They defeat Eggman and succeed.

Sonic Triple Trouble, Eggman commissions Fang the Sniper and Knuckles the Echidna to stop Sonic and Tails from finding the six Chaos Emeralds while Eggman works on the Atomic Destroyer Zone. Sonic and Tails defeat Fang, Knuckles, and Eggman.

Tails Adventure, Tails made a bunch of items and scattered them around Cocoa Island in case he's alone and threatened. He decides to take a vacation in Cocoa Island, when all of a sudden, the Battle Kukku Empire attacks in search of the Chaos Emeralds. Tails finds the all the items he scattered around the island + the six Chaos Emeralds, single handedly takes on the entire Battle Kukku Empire, and then defeats them!

These two games take place concurrently:

  • Tails' Sky Patrol, Tails heads off toward Westside Island. There, Wendy Witchcart attacks and turns the citizens of the island into Crystal. Tails goes and stops her!
  • Meanwhile, in Sonic Labyrinth, Eggman manages to change Sonic's shoes with his booby pair. Sonic can not run fast or spin jump until he uses the power of the six Chaos Emeralds to rip the shoes off. Sonic finds the six Chaos Emeralds, defeats Eggman, and then rips off Eggman's shoes.

That's the first part of the classic era. There's still much more to this era!

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