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One change in attitude I'd like to see in Phil is not doubling down.


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Seems like one can poke holes in Phil's reasoning, so it'd be great if he was here to defend his ideas in an open conversation, (without locking threads).

I think he distinguishes between constant reaction to other people's content, and your own for the purpose of "reminiscing". One is the leech that feeds on other people's creativity, the other is experiencing good old times with his fans, together and not frequently. (1)

I'm not saying that it's a good argument, it's what I feel he thinks.


X: But Phil, you have done this event for quite a while now, to the point where Sub-goals almost always default to Retrospectives! It's also lazy content regardless.

Phil: Yeah, because after providing free online content for OVER 10 YEARS and reacting to it once in a while is the same as what these people do. [Laugh] This is what I mean man, people are stupid..... 10 YEARS of on demand content and having a nice little event where we talk watching my OWN gameplay is considered lazy, OK stupid.

Yeah exactly, Randomname! They're rebroadcasting series and sometimes ENTIRE movies while knowing that they're breaking the law, that's COMPLETELY different from reacting to your own playthroughs every now and then, has nothing to do with it... Alright... [sips].

[Long pause, while focused in chat. Suddenly, he looks at the camera with his eyes wide open & quick hand gestures‼]

See- OK. Here's the truth of the matter. I firmly believe that once you pick the controller in a game you're creating transformative content. What you do with the character is unique, and the commentary you provide centered around it comes from your OWN creativity, the game does not play itself.... ILLEGALLY broadcasting entire sections of copyrighted content is FAR from this!

But that's what these people don't understand... [laughs].

That scenario is a little bit of a joke, @Phil can come here and provide his argument.

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13 hours ago, esi said:

There's no difference whatsoever. Phil has been extremely critical of "react" content. Add it to the long list of things that Phil is critical of and then ends of doing. 

Last time I watched any TIHYDP there were montages of snorts, belches and other dumb shit. Yeah, classy. I'm sure that's what he enjoys about his videos.

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