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Retro Plug and Play Emulator Style Consoles


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Honestly, the only really good one is the NES Classic Edition. As much as I find it easier and better to just set up a smartphone, Raspberry Pi, or PC for emulation, you got to give it to Nintendo here, they actually released a pretty solid product in the form of the NES Classic Edition! The emulation is really spot-on, the UI is gorgeous, and a really polished experience overall. If you really want an emulation box so bad, than this is THE one for you. Too bad they are kind of hard to obtain though.

The SNES Classic Edition backslides on the actual emulation front, due to the SNES being harder to emulate than the NES. Some game-specific hacks are used to work around cut corners in the emulation so the hardware could remain cheap. Great UI with great Nintendo flair though. Very much preferable to use bsnes on PC though.

The only non-Nintendo decent dedicated console would be the Sega Genesis Mini. Far from perfect, but is kind of servicable. Does not emulate all Sega hardware. Emulation quality is pretty good for what's there, but with no SG-1000, Sega/Mega-CD, 32X, or Saturn support. Preferable to use a PC in this case.

Other dedicated emulation boxes have all kinds of issues, whether it would be poor emulation, poor controllers, poor game selection, lame menu, or a combination of the above. Those 3 dedicated consoles are the only ones worth mentioning (unless you like Atari and Intelivision for some reason). Other ones are much worse!

NES Classic Edition is the only one I could really recommend buying.

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