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Very Long Movies Worth Every Second!


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The Green Mile

Without question, one of Stephen King's very best adaptations ever put on film. Running around the 3 hour mark, this movie has gained one hell of a following. Hanks is brilliant as always, but there's no denying that MC Duncan stole the show. 

Movie captivates you in such a way that 3 hours feels like an hour at most. And I will admit I was crying like a schoolgirl towards the end. 

What other loooong movies do you guys believe are worth wathcing every second for?


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Intersteller long ass movie but fantastic

​First half was excellent, then it just got incredibly silly.  The problem with it is that it kept changing the tone of the movie and I didn't know what the hell I was watching.  It went from something that could happen in a not-far-off future, to science fiction, to science fantasy and what may as well have been magic at the end.  Of course time-paradoxes are always full of contradictions, but for a while I thought I was watching something more high-brow and cleverer than it actually was.

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Say what you wany about Mel Gibson, the man is brilliant! 


​I'm a huge history geek so any film that portrays an event in history and gets information wrong immediately earns my scorn.

I understand of course why Hollywood or wherever fictionalises events but Braveheart just goes into the realm of fantasy with its story telling.

Stewart Lee's comedic deconstruction of the film is a joy to behold to me for that reason.

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Another Mel Gibson classic, proof that this dude knows what he's doing. When I started watching this movie and realised the whole movie woukd be subtitled... I wasn't too impressed. 

But wow!!! Brilliantly done, after the movie I couldn't even remember readig anything... nut know I read it all. It's a long movie to get through, but definitely worth every second :)


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