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Ask the King Ep. 90: March 3, 2022


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You mentioned that you would perhaps close these Forums at some point, since I think they cost you around 40 dollars a month or so, and you no longer post here. My question is this, why are you not using a free Forum service-provider like you had at some point?

I personally have tried some free services that you yourself have used: they have all important administrative tools, Cloudflare protection to mitigate DDoS, and you can alter the HTML and CSS for a high degree of customization, as long as you follow basic rules in the TOS, and their developer program. You wouldn't be able to place shady <iframe> tags, AJAX requests, or automatic/unsolicited redirects for example, but you don't need that, you could make a good looking and functional Forum for free. Why choose to pay then?

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Hey Phil I remember back in the day you played Black ops 4 Blackout for the entire year on a weekly basis, but when warzone came out you only played it a couple times and then gave up on it forever.


is there any reason why blackout lasted an entire year for you, while warzone died out almost instantly?

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2 hours ago, blondefella said:

@DSPGaming, just asking but why did u block SomeOrdinaryGamers from your livestreams? The guy genuinely enjoys you and wants to play siege with you.

I dunno about right now, but Mutahar was always on Phil's shit in the past. Had entire podcasts where he just pissed on our community.

Not sure if he's just changed in recent years or trolling pretending.

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