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Phil should set a goal for the highest tipper.


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In my opinion that would be fun‼ However not so much for doing push-ups, specially if it's as low as single digits.

What else could the top-tipper ask from him? The ideal thing would be something related to the game.

If it was something like Pokémon, he could adopt nuzlocke-elements like releasing a PKMN to make it more challenging, but with limits so that it isn't impossible/doesn't take too long.

For fighting-games, playing multiplayer-matches with them if they want.

For ones where you have to choose options or a path to go, (like Undertale), maybe allowing them to decide that.

And if it doesn't make sense to choose anything from the game... then something else, but I personally don't care about him doing 3 push ups. There are some suggestions around here that have been posted, those are also ideas!

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