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The Straight Edge Savior, the newest noob of them all. Obviously a CM Punk mark here for all you WWE fans, Been watching the content for about 5 years now, still hanging in, never been one to been able to donate, but can offer as much moral support as I can. Here to help, here to give and receive feedback on all things.

Let the games begin.

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Hey I'm TBFD also known as Oli Kidsley, I made the first WIP overlay as well as the Ask the King overlay and the one time used Channel Update Overlay, I've also submitted art for DSP in the past but I haven't done it regularly. I'm into Music, Movies, Games (obvs) and hugely into Comics recently. I'm studying Graphic Design and I love art.

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^Welcome back, though if you're just here to start trouble then we'll be saying goodbye soon enough.

My name is Mark and I've been gaming since the early years of the NES. I've been watching Phil since he lost his previous job and made youtube his full time occupation.

​Welcome mark, sounds like a longtime viewer  :D

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I'm kushiyaki. I'm a long time viewer and started watching Phil when I saw his Mirrors Edge playthrough all the way back in 2008. Also, I have been moderating on the stream chat for some time (originally was doing a little moderation under the name yakitori but switched to a different name that I could register). Decided it was finally time to join the forum after saying "I'll do it tomorrow" too many times. Have some ideas I'd like to suggest at some point as well as being interested in voting for some stuff for the March montage. Planning to become a Parteon member later this month or in April once I have some things ironed out.

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