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2022 NFL Draft & 2022-2023 NFL Season


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Ok guys, I went through the Jets schedule so here are my thoughts.

This is without a doubt in my mind a tough schedule, but, not as tough as some Jets fans think to believe.

I personally want the Jets to win at least 7 games this.  However, with the talent they have, they can win at least 10-11 games this upcoming season.

Here is my record prediction:

  • Week 1: Ravens @ Jets.  TBH, I see the Jets taking this game.  Now, I know you guys think I am going crazy, but, I don't fear the Ravens as much.  They don't have that much talent nor depth at wide receiver.  They do have a stud at tight end in Mark Andrews and they can run the hell out of the football and play good defense when healthy.  However, the factor in this game is going to come down to Lamar Jackson stepping up and taking good care of the football.
  • Week 2: Jets @ Browns.  I see us taking this game too.  Why, because we don't know who will be the starting QB for the Browns this season.  If it's Watson, the game might be much different.  However, I still see us winning because of the talent and depth we have at the D-line.
  • Week 3: Bengals @ Jets.  As much as I'd love to go 3-0 for the first time since 2009, I don't see that happening this year.  I see the Bengals get their revenge on us for beating them last year.
  • Week 4: Jets @ Steelers.  This is a win IMO.  While I do believe that Kenny Pickett has the talent to be a good successor to Ben Roethlisberger, I don't see him having immediate success his rookie season.  However, if Mitch Trubisky starts, I see this as an easy win for the Jets.
  • Week 5: Dolphins @ Jets.  TBH, I see the hire of Mike McDaniels being a huge misfire for the Dolphins this year.  As far as I am concerned, firing Brian Flores made no sense to me.  Anyways, I see the Jets winning this game because you don't know what you are going to get from Tua in his 3rd year.
  • Week 6: Jets @ Packers.  This is a big loss right here.  Why, because of Aaron Rodgers.  I know they don't have much at wide receiver, but they still have A-Rod.
  • Week 7: Jets @ Broncos.  This is another big loss right here.  I know Jerry Jeudy just got arrested.  However, they still have talented studs at wide receiver.  Plus, Russell Wilson is a beast of a quarterback.  IMO, he is the best deep ball passer in the game today along with the fact that he is an excellent scrambler and improviser.
  • Week 8: Patriots @ Jets.  This is where we start to exact our revenge on the Patriots for all the times they embarrassed us.  I like Mac Jones, but, I do see him taking somewhat of a step back this upcoming season.
  • Week 9: Bills @ Jets.  As much as I like our improved roster, I do not see us beating the Bills this year.  They have an amazing defense as well as a high octane offense led by their amazing quarterback Josh Allen.
  • Week 11: Jets @ Patriots.  This is where we sweep the Pats for the first time since 2000.  Guys, in my gut, I see the Jets taking it to NE this year.  I just feel it in my gut.
  • Week 12: Bears @ Jets.  I see this as an easy win for the Jets.  I like Justin Fields, but, to my eyes, I don't think the Bears did enough to surround him talent like the Jets did for Zach Wilson.
  • Week 13: Jets @ Vikings.  While I am concerned about Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and Dalvin Cook, I don't feel the same way about Kirk Cousins.  He is a talented guy, but, he never really struck me as an elite quarterback.  Plus, they do have some studs on defense especially in Danielle Hunter.  However, I see the Jets going to Minnesota and putting on a show.
  • Week 14: Jets @ Bills.  Once again, I do not see us beating the Bills this year.
  • Week 15: Lions @ Jets.  Another easy win for the Jets IMO.  While I think Aidan Hutchinson will a stud for the Lions, I really don't see them as a threat outside of him.
  • Week 16: Jaguars @ Jets.  While I like Trevor Lawrence, I see the Jets defense, especially the defensive line coming after him like nobody's business.
  • Week 17: Jets @ Seahawks.  As much as I like to stick it to Jamal Adams, I think Zach Wilson and the Jets offense is going to struggle mightily due to the insane crowd noise that goes on at Lumen Field.  So, this will be our sixth and final loss of the season.
  • Week 18: Jets @ Dolphins.  This is where I believe we close the year with a bang.  As I said earlier, you don't know what you are going to get out of Tua this year and I believe that the hiring of Mike McDaniels will come to bite the Dolphins in the ass.

Overall record: 11-6.

Now, I am not guaranteeing anything in this post.  I am just stating my thoughts and opinions on the Jets schedule this year.

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