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Kingdom Hearts: The Unplayed Games


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You stated that you intended to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep after you beat Kingdom Hearts 2 on PS3 in 2014 for preparation for Kingdom Hearts 3, yet 8 years later, you have only played the 3 numbered titles in the series.

Do you still intend to play the other Kingdom Hearts games in the series, or at least Birth By Sleep, or are you officially canceling that intention of completing the other games in the series? There's a new PS4 port of the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 (which included Re: Chain of Memories) and 2.5 HD games (which included Birth By Sleep), and a new Kingdom Hearts compilation specifically for PS4 that includes Dream Drop Distance HD and a prologue to Kingdom Hearts 3, and both compilations can be easily played on PS5. A compilation of the two mentioned compilations, Kingdom Hearts - The Story So Far, was also released for PS4, and I've just discovered it was also released for Xbox One, and thus is playable on Xbox Series X, so you can choose to play it on whichever platform you want.

You could also consider playing the Kingdom Hearts games you played on the highest difficulty mode, like Proud Mode on Kingdom Hearts 1, and Critical Mode on Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3 as a bonus. Do you intend on returning to the Kingdom Hearts series right now, Phil?

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