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What did you think of the down the rabbit hole reaction?

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For years people have said all kinds of shit about Phil and he's mostly ignored it, so it was nice to hear his side of these stories.

Also there's nothing wrong with his reaction, it can be as long as he wants if it's about the topic of the video he's watching.

People that watch reacts with minimal commentary are boring af.

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It didn’t do much for him…he even admitted it only provided short term support. Like I said in another post…no one cares about this react content. He still needed 3-4 people to tip a majority of the money. He’s needed literally dozens of sock accounts to hit the goals…and he’s already lowered the goal for the next….BECAUSE the sock accounts go bye bye. 
He was always going to over explain everything…cause that’s Phil in a nutshell. The “ex” segment just made him look like a creep. 

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There's nothing wrong with commentary, he needed to let stuff breathe.

Phil has been known to ramble on and on and get derailed often, when he could just say a few sentences to get his point across.

Plus as he said, Fred's video was missing a lot of stuff, it wasn't as extensive as the wings of redemption stuff. Would have liked to see him address the rambo and Howard stuff, maybe more. Perhaps when Joon the King decides to cover dsp. I don't think Fred wants to return to dsp, he himself said there's too much toxicity surrounding this subject.

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