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How can I help promote Phil's channel and get more people to subscribe?


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I've done some donating along with some stuff behind the scenes, but I've been thinking about how Phil wants to reach a 200,000 subscriber count. I really want to help his dream come true, and though I believe it will happen at some point anyway, I'd like for it to happen faster, especially because a higher subscriber count is usually attended by a higher donor count. So I've tried different popular sites and social media avenues in which to spread the word about DSPGaming, but I want to know if anyone has any specific ways or places they recommend to bring more people to the fold. I'm happy to pay Phil but want to look into other ways to help, especially since my finances are limited; whereas I'm able and willing to do a lot of heavy lifting and really burn the midnight oil to grow the channel/empire, ha ha. 

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I'm a little bummed.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY WISH I could find some way to do something big in Phil world and make a big difference in a way that went beyond just money at least directly, like something that would indirectly get him money by increased visibility, following, etc. I haven't won the lottery yet.

Like if there was some concrete way to bump up visibility instead of campaigning abroad in hopes that a few would notice and check out the channel without first being discouraged or lied to by dirty trolls.

I would leave one of his videos on loop if it meant bumping up view count and thus new levels of visibility past a certain threshold. That and I just like the videos.

Imagine if one of his newer videos had some sort of stat exceeding even that of that one Spiderman game playthrough video that shows as his most popular.

Never give up. Never surrender.

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