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Ask the King Ep. 92 - Sept. 8, 2022


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Hey Phil hope all is well. You being a target of social media/internet hate harassment what do you think more should be done by these social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter to prevent harassment and hate speech? I feel like the internet has grown exponentially with most users having a cell phone or other media devices but regulations are almost non existent. Also when in your view do you believe you cross the line with freedom of speech? Sorry not trying to be political, this is not a political question just trying to understand you as a daily user of one of the biggest platforms what should be done to not allow hate or harassment, specially in a platform that kids like my sons under age might come across and think it’s funny. Thanks Phill and wish you the best, been a viewer since 2014 and absolutely love your perseverance and dedication towards your goal. 

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Just a few stupid questions related to Windows. What do you consider to be your favorite Windows version? What is your least favorite version of Windows? What do you think of Internet Explorer 4.0 (this version, specifically)? Which is the first version of Windows you consider "modern"? And lastly, do you consider the Mega Man Battle Network series to be versions of Windows?

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