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What keeps you coming back to DSP

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If tomorrow all the things were gone
I'd worked for all my life
And I had to start again
With just my kitty and my wife
I'd thank my lucky stars
To be watching Phil today
'Cause the stream still stands for chilling
And they can't take that away

And I'm proud to be a Burnellian
Where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget all Phil survived
To bring that joy to me
And I'd gladly stand up next to you
And defend him still today
'Cause there ain't no doubt, I love this man
God bless the DSP

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On 8/10/2022 at 4:00 PM, MDCFAN101 said:

For me it is the nostalgia I've had watching his older playthroughs.

Yea his older stuffs were way better than what he does now because his commentary was focused just on the games, he was more unfiltered, and more enthusiastic. Todays DSP often goes on a tangent that has nothing to do with the game like money issues, trolls, and other misc stuff which really ruins the experience.

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