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Need help creating a Persona 3 FES modded ISO


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As we all know, Persona 3 was originally designed kind of archaically and has many problems. These problems were fixed in Persona 3 Portable, however, that version also lacks a lot of content present in FES such as FMVs, most of the explorable 3D environments, and The Answer (admittedly not very high quality). Because of how people used to have to make a hard choice between these versions in the past, modders have came in and made Persona 3 FES much more playable, so now you only have to choose between a female protagonist or the other content (FMVs, 3D environments, The Answer). However, while this is great and all, there are a few problems. These mods require PCSX2 HostFS and Aemulus. Aemulus is only for Windows, so that alone makes Persona 3 FES still unbearable on anything other than Windows, such as actual PS2 hardware, backwards-compatible PS3, standard desktop Linux distros, and Android. So the first step is to either port Aemulus to all these platforms to cover these possible use cases (not very likely on real PS2 hardware), or to work around the Aemulus requirement. I am already stuck here. Can someone help me make Aemulus not required for these mods? I know it is still possible with HostFS, which is still available for desktop Linux and Android. After that, the second step is working around the HostFS requirement to hopefully make this work on a backwards-compatible PS3.

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