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Signalis is now toxified?


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The Daily Wrap: Jan. 22, 2023 - Members Goal HIT! SIGNALIS Tanks?! Oblivion is Still Chill


@Phil, what's with your hate for indie games? It's not the game's fault, it's you, people disengage because you don't interact with them. Why are you making up these lies? The stream was no different than any other stream, the chat is always dead, the majority of tips are always from that one guy. Doesn't mean game is bad because the one guy doesn't show up. The Oblivion stream was just as dead, with the same amount of tips, but you claim it was a big success. You have this strange hate for indie games. You are just trying to find excuses to hate on indie games.

This Daily Wrap is just constant guilt tripping, you are telling people the game will be dropped unless they pay up, you said you won't do that anymore. You should watch sir MoistCr1tical's reaction again, the thing that convinced you to stop with begging.


Why do you act like the $20 from Planetjeff/1MM don't count? That is very disrespectful to a guy who tipped over $10,000.

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