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Ask the King Ep. 96: May 25, 2023


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With game consoles becoming more backwards compatible, and games continually getting remastered - I was just wondering what were your most recent playthroughs were on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and the likelihood you'd ever need to do a playthrough on those consoles in the future

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Dear Phil,

New viewer here and I've been enjoying your content a lot.

Would you ever play games like Hunt Showdown, Rainbow siege, Apex, on stream? I'd love to see that if you have any interest and they could be a good game when you don't have a playthrough planned a night or just want a stream off for some good old fashioned shooting


Franklin W.



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why do you never look at your replays and inputs not every joystick and not every copy of the game is only broken for you. Like you truly can't believe you never make a mistake even if its under pressure. In matches you can clearly hear and see that your mashing due to panic and thats fine but you can't keep blaming the games. MK1 requires near perfect inputs besides the player 2 glitch but you've been player 1 a lot of the time, so if you mess up its on you and thats why you quit or atleast thats why i believe you quit MK1 and why you quit A.K.I so early. You really need to learn to clean you inputs like you admitted on stream your not as good as you used to be but thats fine you admit to your wrongs during matches. Whether or not it gets you new rage viewers.

forgot to add this but you've lost to multiple pro players besides nephew and snakeeyez and decided to say they are mashing or pattern players when they're just better so seriously stop trying to be perfect be you and you'd get so many more views and actual fans not haters. Like even your excuses are preloaded before a move even hits, which you can't blame on stream lag because as an IT expert and html expert thats not how that works, so just work on your panic situations when playing mp fighting games. You also can't blame rbnc because you clearly have no true understanding of how it works. 

also god please stop blaming not being able to react you've already admitted that your reaction timing has dwindled due to age so its not an excuse at that point and you need to accept it. and not everything can be done on reaction you need to predict you need to guess because you're not in the other players mind so reactions won't be as affective if its not a di or dr 

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