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Favorite Movie Franchises


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Hey guys,

Give me a list of your personal favorite movie franchises.

Here are mine

1. Sam Rami's Spider-Man

2. Lord of the Rings

3. Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy

4. Indiana Jones

5. The Original Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes 4-6)

6. Back to the Future

7. Die Hard

8. Rocky

9. Fast and the Furious

10. X-Men Film Franchise

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Lord of the Rings

Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy

Toy Story

Alien (only the first two, so not sure if that counts as a "franchise" as I dismiss 3 and 4)

Indiana Jones

Back to the Future

Original Star Wars

The Bourne Series

Zatoichi (1962-1989)


​I dont think it is a series for Alien since 3 and 4 and rubbish but oh well Alien and Aliens deserve a mention

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Some of my favs: 

- Star Wars  

- Indiana Jones (except the 4th god that was terrible)

- Back to the Future 

- The Dark Knight Trilogy

Along with many others as well   

​Good choices my friend.  From what I can tell, you did not like Crystal Skull.  Personally, it is my favorite entry in the franchise.  Plus, feel free to check out my latest rant on the controversy surrounding the Goku vs Superman Death Battle.

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