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4 minutes ago, AshishAshLamps007 said:

If you're into paranormal stuff you should definitely check out "TheTop5s" channel.. Don't watch at night though :P


I was actually watching that yesterday. I agree, their video's are fun.

For some stupid fun, check out Dashiexp: https://www.youtube.com/user/DashieXP/videos
Not everyone's cup of tea, it's stupid fun.

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!! recommending queenofthering battle raps :]

what is the queenofthering ? basically some hotdog guy managed to afford a boxing ring underground and pits female rappers against each other in freestyle rapping.
in the ring they say whatever they can that'll low blow the other girl, the objective is to make the opponent cringe or nervous.
so something like, "i saw yo man at the stripclub, cause you was'nt givin him no strip....show" and people either go "OOOOOO" like they're in elementary school or make random noises

here's one of the battles of a lady walking away from a battle because it got too personal

here's the first video i saw and i was like "da fudge is dis" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv_9uvQSPQk not knowing that i would like it
my favorite

XD queenofthering might seem like it's craycray but trust me, it's highly entertaining! and fun. enjoy

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I really like Jontron's videos (when he puts them out). I also really like mega64 and have been following them ever since I was in middle school. When I would be playing destiny and going through the motions I would usually have some kind of podcast or greifing video going on in the background (usually anything with gorons/myg0t/infoslash). Recently I have started watching idubbbztv's and maxmoefo's stuff after finding them through filthyfrank. I also have been keeping up with MillionDollarExtreme and love the different stand up and improve videos.

Forgot to mention that I have recently got back into watching LABeast and recently started watching wrecklesseating's videos, makes me want to try and find snake wine to prank my friends with.

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11 minutes ago, MDCFAN101 said:

Here is another awesome Youtuber you should check out:


Cinema Snob is also pretty awesome too. His main channel is stoned gremlin productions but alot of his older videos aren't on that channel yet so I have to link to another one


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