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I made a topic for video game music discussion, so here we go...

I find the bossfight track of the burnt iron king from dark souls II awesome, just epic!
Chiptune music is an acquired taste, but the megaman II soundtracks of Rushjet1 is something I listen to once in awhile.

Anybody want to share their preference?

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Played this when I read about the U4 delayed, surprisingly it fitted perfectly with Neil's blog. 


Can't believe Greg is not coming back for the 4th -_-

​The music he composed for the Uncharted was very good, when I watched my pal play U2 the music was the first thing that came to mind.
It sucks indeed that he won't be making music for U4. A track from U3 I like:


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An entire thread for video game music? Ohhhhhhh snap.

I gotta bring up Ape Escape--still one of my favorite game soundtracks to this day. Love the industrial/dnb/breakbeat variety of it all. Soichi Terada is some kind of genius.

​I played Ape Escape 1 & 2 years after release, a buddy of mine lend them to me. I remember that the 1st one was revolutionary for the time, only using unique ways for the analogue sticks for movement. This music bit is a fun one from number 2:



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The Soul Calibur 1 soundtrack, both the arcade version and dreamcast version, is fantastic and awesome. The music in that game is very exciting, and goes well with the battles. Check out Maxi's Indian Port ost in that game. I also like Talim's music in Soul Calibur 2 too.

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10 minutes ago, Bigjimgaming12 said:

I have more video game soundtracks than anyone else on this forum as far as saved albums on my hard drive. I've been collecting since 1997 and have more rare stuff than anyone on this forum. 

New Bitmap image.jpg

That's awesome man.  Really awesome.

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