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Tips & Help Thread: Battlefield Hardline


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It may be innevitable that Phil won't be playing this game but regardless of it, I will be releasing tips for it. Lets see if it doesn't become a total fucking failure like it was in BF 4; The MP was broken as fuck. Saw the prologue and I already am liking how the game's starting out. Make it look like an Episodic Show, like Asura's Wrath.

Disclaimer: Please note that in all Tips & Help Threads, there will be NO kind of Story-Related Spoilers in their list. All lists will be kept as Spoiler-Free as possible. I advice everyone that provides their own tips and suggestions to not give any kind of Story-Relate Spoilers that will ruin the immersion and fun of other players. Please be respectful and appreciative. Thank You. Also keep in mind that the information that I'm putting is based off a certain part that I'm playing the game or upto a certain part of a Playthrough I'm watching. If there are any errors, please help fix them.

0. Keep you eyes out for Orange Boxes around the game. They are your resupply caches + Weapon Changes.

1. Flash your Badge to Freeze a Suspect. Always keep your weapon trained on them or else their Alert Meter fills up. You may freeze upto 3 enemies. Keep your aim toggled between them so that they don't run off or start shooting.

2. Try to take advantage of your enemies Vision Cones.

3. By creating a distraction, you pull your enemy away from certain paths that help progress the story. One shell casing will only distract one enemy at a time so toss multiples in different directions for multiple enemies.

4. Sometimes when distracting, you can takedown other enemies.

5. Analyze every enemy possible. If they have Warrants and you take them down non-lethally, you may be given great rewards.

6. Arresting enemies overall give greater points than just killing them. Wait until you can get as many enemies with a badge pop up and they will all drop their weapons. Arrest them in succession and they won't fight back. You will level up faster like this. Max Level is 15.

7. Use RB/R1 to use Scanner.

8. Check your surroundings as much as possible. Your scanner will buzz when there is "Evidence" nearby that may pertain to a Case. If you complete a Case File, you'll be given alot of experience and GREATLY open the story and lore of the game.

9. As you go up in level, you will unlock higher and better weapons. Each level unlocks a new category of weapons, attachments and gadgets to use in the field.

10. Killing enemies no longer give experience. Its all on Takedowns, arrests, exploration and evidence gathering.

11. If you're forced into a fire fight, make those counts shot because reloading in some weapons is slow as hell!

12. Searching bodies may provide clues to Cases you are investigating. 

13. Using Grappling Hooks help you have the height advantage. Use the hook on highlighted points. 

14. Ziplines help you get down elevated areas alot faster.

15. Try investigating certain things at different angles to activate them to be analyzed.

16. There are alarm systems to call for reinforcements. Disable them as quietly as possible.

17. TBA


This section here will showcase the location of all evidence to every single case file in the game. Creds to these videos go to the VGFAQ Team. Episode 5 is supplied by XCV GN since VGFAQ's didn't have Ep 5 yet.

1. Ep. 1 - Back To School

2. Ep. 2 - Checking Out

3. Ep. 3 - Gator Bait

4. Ep. 4 - Case Closed

5. Ep. 5 - Gauntlet (Full Playthrough)

6. Ep. 6 - Out Of Business

7. Ep. 7 - Glass House

8. Ep. 8 - Sovereign Land

9. Ep. 9 - Independence Day

10. Ep. 10 - Legacy


Thank you everyone for coming here and those that have the desire to help others in improving their game. This post will be under constant updating when it is required or when someone has information they wish to share with the community. I appreciate everyone that comes here and give a helping hand to others. If you all enjoyed this thread and the information given, please UpVote the post and share your thoughts. The Tips & Help Threads are here to help anyone and everyone in their time of need. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask and the answer will come to you. Now I explained in the Rules Thread but I will say it again, please remain on topic and provide tips; this is not a general discussion of the game. Once again, Thank you!


Credits To The Extraordinary


2. XCV Gaming Network


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