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5 hours ago, sateler96 said:

He has to be trolling 

No one can be that stupid to say micotransactions is good 

I think he is, just look at the two Switch oled videos.

His Stories 2 video is almost at 2K dislikes already.

5 hours ago, Darksphere992 said:

@sateler96i defeated one of the bitches with wings in God of War 2018. i did it on Normal. treated it like a Dark Souls Boss

They aren't too bad, but there's definitely a handful of them that are super tough.

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4 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

Holy fuck, second most fucked up episode of TWD. Halfway through season 8. :(

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Carl's death. Man they really dragged it out but it was on par with Carl having to kill his mom. Fucking sad.


And it shouldnt have happen either lol doesn't happen in the comics at all lol 

Their excuse was we want him to go to college 

Thats where Season 8 truly became more garbage fire for me 

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Here are this Weekends Box Office Numbers

1. Black Widow - $80 Million (best opening of the year so far)
2. F9 - $10 amillion
3. The Boss Baby 2 - $8.7 Million
4. The Purge 5 - $6.7 Million
5. A Quiet Place Part II - $3 Million

Black Widow is at $158 Million

A Quiet Place Part II is at $263 Million

F9 is probably  gonna make a Billion sadly the Transformers: Age of Extinction of the franchise. 

Here are my Predictions for Next Weekend

1. Black Widow
2. Space Jam: A New Legacy 
3. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
4. F9
5. The Boss Baby 2

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On 7/10/2021 at 3:46 PM, KGhaleon said:

Phil is fundraising playing that old ass Fallout game? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's not that old and it's still the best. I mean job well done because, he did get over $900 and a lot of new members. The Feast with the King special will be his ticket to success. Made me mad hungry.

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10 hours ago, LordMithras said:

It's not that old and it's still the best.

There's a thousand New vegas LPs on youtube, but this is a normal ass vanilla LP. Much wow.


I did the Leviathan DLC for mass effect 3 tonight and holy shit, was that seriously not part of the main story? That was pretty dang important.

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