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3 minutes ago, KGhaleon said:


I noticed my cat was freaking out in my back yard so I checked to see what she was doing and she had caught a mouse. I promptly pulled it out of her mouth and let it go. She hadn't killed it yet. Happy thanksgiving, mouse.

you took away her thanksgiving dinner you shouldnt have done that. Cat will remember that.

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19 minutes ago, MDCFAN101 said:

@KGhaleon, @MoraMoria, @sateler96, @GuessWhat, and @musicboy,

I just purchased Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the PlayStation store.  Can't wait to play that game along with Marvel's Spider-Man (Game of the Year Edition), and Injustice 2 (Deluxe Edition).

Nice, I just got my black friday games in the mail.

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On 11/23/2021 at 8:48 AM, KGhaleon said:

So some games I ordered from Gamestop got shipped to the wrong address. I called Gamestop and told them so they are just shipping another order to my house. They are just taking the original order as a loss.

That's cool and all, but damn, if I go pickup the original order at the other address tomorrow I'll have two copies?


I got my copies delivered today. I also drove over to my old address and found my original shipment had been dropped off there. Now I have two copies of the games that I ordered...lmao

I went by Gamestop and traded one of my copies of SMT3 in for the Switch version. I got both now.


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i give Pikmin 3 (Switch) a 8.5 for people who say the game doesnt have much content or replayabilty are wrong, and for those saying Pikmin 3 is easy they should try Mission mode (which i bet most reviewer skipped, because they got their ass whipped by the timer).

The Switch Port of Doom Eternal (still playing) i give an 8.3, Run pretty good for a current Gen Game on a underpowered Tablet, running mostly at a locked 30FPS, looks decent also (sometimes ugly), it having Gyro controls is a plus also. kind of makes me want to play Doom (2016) soon on the Switch.


Games im still playing

Luigi Mansion 3 (on Hold)

RDR2 (2nd Playthrough trying for 100% might not happen)

Doom Eternal (Switch) of course 

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