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Hey guys,

I've been wanting to get this off my chest for quite time now.  I know I've touched upon this a little bit here on the forums and on my YouTube channel, but, I feel I haven't gotten into enough detail and thought on the topic.

Today, as I was scrolling through YouTube, I stubbled upon one of my favorite YouTubers, Ivan the Unstoppable, posting an image of a panel of the Hulk fighting Thor in the Banner of War storyline that is going on right now in Marvel.  After I posted my thoughts in the comments section, I proceeded to scroll through the comment section to see what other people had to say about it.  I read one comment where the individual says that there are people on the internet and social media already bitching and complaining about the Hulk being so immensely powerful or as the kids today call it "too overpowered."  After I read the comment, I was like, "ARE YOU MOTHERFUCKING SERIOUS?!  PEOPLE STILL DO THIS SHIT!!!"  I'm like at this point guys that this shit right here is going to make my fucking head explode.  Why can't these people just accept the fact that characters like Hulk, Thor, Superman, and Saitama are part of a realm called fantasy/fiction where realism and logic are pretty much thrown out the fucking window?  Better yet, why can't they get over this absurd obstacle and just accept the fact that in the world of fiction/fantasy that there are going to be character that are going to be immensely powerful and that characters like Superman, Hulk, and Thor are immensely powerful?  Or maybe, these people who claim to be die hard fans of fiction/fantasy refuse to have a sense of imagination?  If that is the case, then they should fuck off from fiction and jump into some other shit.  I mean, imagine talking to a die hard fan of baseball that constantly bitches and complains about baseball being based on outs and not time.  Like, that shit right there makes no fucking sense whatsoever.  Since I was a kid, I always had a sense of imagination which has helped keep my sanity and rationality.  Hell, still to this day, I fantasize about being able to fly like Superman, having immense strength like the Hulk, having the god-like prowess of Thor, having the shape-shifting ability of Martian Manhunter, you know things like that shit.

Also, these people need to know that just because a character is immensely powerful, doesn't automatically mean that he/she is a bad and uninteresting character.  What makes any fictional character interesting is their story, origin, character, and attitude.  The powerset of a fictional character only represents a small fraction of who they truly are.

I apologize for the yelling cursing, but I had to get this off my chest.

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