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4 hours ago, KGhaleon said:

It's Star wars. Of course it is.

Well thing is it should of just been a movie tbh 

It really feels like The Mandalorian is the Daredevil of the Star Wars shows like DD was pretty much perfect of the Marvel Netflix shows 

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1 hour ago, Darksphere992 said:

why would he skip Starfield he's a Bethesda Fanboy

I guess No man's sky traumatized him really badly. Because once saw some similarities between Starfield and NMS, something triggered him and he started shitting on it like crazy. 

55 minutes ago, Icureditwithmybrain said:

You could look at it another way. If he plays it he might have a change of heart.

It could happen.

41 minutes ago, MDCFAN101 said:

@GuessWhat, @Darksphere992, and @Icureditwithmybrain,

Is he enjoying the new TMNT game so far?

I don't know I didn't tune in.


38 minutes ago, Darksphere992 said:

especially if they give him the game a day before release, then he'll say its GOTY

Nah, I believe he has more integrity than that.

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likely Switch Games Donkey Kong 3D or 2D game, Super Mario Odyssey 2, BOTW 2 (of course), Zelda Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, Mario Baseball game


unlikely Switch Games. Zelda OOT HD, Zelda MM HD, Kid Icarus Uprising Switch Port, Luigi Mansion 1 and 2. Metroid Samus Return Switch port.

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Just now, KGhaleon said:

I heard it was boring and not worth seeing.

Was going to see it at the mall today but skipped it.

It wasn't boring to me at all whatsoever.  Everyone at the theatre that I was in including myself clapped loudly and proudly after the movie ended.

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