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2 minutes ago, Darksphere92 said:

yup, also thinking about getting a Mayflash for the Switch so i could use other Controllers on The Switch with Rumble, including Wii U Pro Controller.

That looks pretty neat. They even make adapters for PC I might have to get to use with emulators. 


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1 minute ago, MitchMacalester said:

Great show. I can't stand waiting for the next episode. I'm going to watch the entire show in one day later in April.  "The 10 episodes will conclude on April 20th, 2020"

Yup i hate waiting too but i have alot of other shows i watch as well

Next year will be the final season with 13 episodes 

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3 minutes ago, MitchMacalester said:

I guess that means they'll really ramp this season up for the last season premier. Hopefully going to be really good. 

Vince Gilligan is just a genius with Breaking Bad 

Betrer Call Saul could of been a disaster but wasnt 

Same with El Camino that he directed himself and after seeing thaf i wanna see him do more stuff. 

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1 hour ago, sateler96 said:

Lol he actually did do it 


Reason why Tarantino left his comapny lol

i didnt know liking women would be a crime, i guess that's why LGBT passed so everyone can be gay or lesbian.

and how did he rape them, if the women whore themselves out to be in a movie? :( oh well these whores will get it some day they are probably all just a bunch of Amber Heards.

This just show that Women can lie and people will believe them, because women never do anything wrong and are so fragile.

Just look at the Whole Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Situation, everybody was at Johnny Depp's throat, because Amber Heard lied about Depp abusing her, and she would have got away with it to, if Johnny Depp didnt have a recorded Audio Tape of a phone call.

But i know people here are going to dismiss this whole thing and end up saying i'm sexist, that's ok, that's perfectly fine, you believe what you wanna believe.

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