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Tips & Help Thread: Final Fantasy Type-0


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Really got nothing in mind this time to talk about except that the starting Cinematic is depressive as fuck! Brace yourselves.

Disclaimer: Please note that in all Tips & Help Threads, there will be NO kind of Story-Related Spoilers in their list. All lists will be kept as Spoiler-Free as possible. I advice everyone that provides their own tips and suggestions to not give any kind of Story-Relate Spoilers that will ruin the immersion and fun of other players. Please be respectful and appreciative. Thank You. Also keep in mind that the information that I'm putting is based off a certain part that I'm playing the game or upto a certain part of a Playthrough I'm watching. If there are any errors, please help fix them.


1. R1/RB to lock onto enemies.

2. When locked to a downed enemy, you can drain their Phantoma. Do so to recover MP and damage nearby enemies.

3. Depending on what kind of enemy you drain, you'll obtain a different color Phantoma. 

4. Go to a corner where you can't be disturbed and you'll start getting HP back. If you have your Weapon holstered, you'll regain HP faster. This is a double edged sword as you will also take more damage.

5. You can simultaneous dodge and attack at the same time.

6. When your Enemy has a Yellow Marker over them, Breaksight, you can deal ALOT of damage to them.

7. If your Enemy has a Red Marker over them, Killsight, you can insta-kill them.

8. Apparently both Breaksight and Killsight happen random although Breaksight happens more often with Bosses and tougher enemies than your level and Killsight happens with weaker enemies than your level.

9. Enemy leaders have unique marks on them. If you kill them, all grunts below him will run away and surrender.

10. If you find a Blue radiating rune on the floor, it will recover all of your HP/MP.

11. You can regain ability gauge energy by damaging enemies. The regen is quite high.

12. When you encounter the first large enemy at the start, do not fight it nor waste your enegy against it, just keep dodging around. You have to survive it for 1 minute.

13. Even if enemies are frozen, you can still harvest their Phantoma.

14. Go into options and change locking on from holding R1 to just having to press it. Makes managing targets (and the camera) MUCH easier.

15. Using different characters is important. Some scenes or events won't activate unless you have a specific team. Diversify yourself with every character of Class Zero.

16. The Great Portal takes you to almost everywhere in the city that is important. 

17. Every character uses their own unique weapon type so no one other character can use the same weapon but they can share accessories.

18. If a mission is too difficult, rethink your strategy. Sometimes the smallest things can make a large difference. By completing certain conditions you unlock greater challenges.

19. In any mission you play, call for backup at any time and allies will come an help you. There is even a chance for your CO to appear.

20. By requesting support from your allies, you'll gain SPP. The higher your SP becomes, the more exclusive spells and equipment will be available for you.

21. You can replay missions at any time to improve your score and can be played with any character regardless of the data loaded. All items and EXP are saved to the current game file. But you cannot replay while during a mission.

22. Party members in reserves do not gain EXP. However some characters preform better than others depending on the circumstances. Make sure to train and level them up evenly. Remember you can reply missions any time except during Mid-Mission.

23. Explore the world and train by random encounters. The more fights you in in a single encounter, the stronger your enemy becomes but better the rewards.

24. ​The yellow highlighted characters are characters who are Primed for the mission and are chosen at random at the beginning of a mission. Primed characters earn the Haste and Aura effects.

25. TBA


Thank you everyone for coming here and those that have the desire to help others in improving their game. This post will be under constant updating when it is required or when someone has information they wish to share with the community. I appreciate everyone that comes here and give a helping hand to others. If you all enjoyed this thread and the information given, please UpVote the post and share your thoughts. The Tips & Help Threads are here to help anyone and everyone in their time of need. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask and the answer will come to you. Now I explained in the Rules Thread but I will say it again, please remain on topic and provide tips; this is not a general discussion of the game. Once again, Thank you!


Credits To The Extraordinary

1. Silentwarrior25 - Thx for clarifying Breaksight and Killsight

2. Static Veins - Thx for improved Lock-On Suggestion


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From the brief experience I got with Type-0, Breaksight mostly happens during boss fights or tougher enemies, while Killsight happens with weaker. And these mostly occur either during or after an enemy's move, as their weak spot would be open to take advantage of.

​Thank you. Post updated and credits given.

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24. Might be wrong here but when selecting your roster for a mission, the characters highlighted in Yellow are the recommended ones to be taken out on the field.

​The yellow highlighted characters are characters who are Primed for the mission and are chosen at random at the beginning of a mission. Primed characters earn the Haste and Aura effects.

Hope that helps! :P

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