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Tips & Help Thread: Bloodborne


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Well it's time we sharp our swords and whip out our guns because Bloodborne is going to be a bitch to take out. I really haven't been keeping an ear out on the game because I wasn't really that interested in it but I've been doing some research on whats good on the game and how I can translate it to Tips for you all. Hope you all can help me here because I'll need all I can get. From the videos I've seen....Bloodborn is a FUCK TON faster paced than Dark Soul 1 & 2.


Disclaimer: Please note that in all Tips & Help Threads, there will be NO kind of Story-Related Spoilers in their list. All lists will be kept as Spoiler-Free as possible. I advice everyone that provides their own tips and suggestions to not give any kind of Story-Relate Spoilers that will ruin the immersion and fun of other players. Please be respectful and appreciative. Thank You. Also keep in mind that the information that I'm putting is based off a certain part that I'm playing the game or up to a certain part of a Playthrough I'm watching. If there are any errors, please help fix them.


Before I start posting the tips, this section right here will be set to show you all the Classes, or in this case for the game, the "Origins" of the character. There are 9 Origins in total. They ALL Origins[except Waste Of Skin] give you 60 Stat Points so their's no setbacks in any Origin. This here is a screen shot of where the attributes are placed by default in all Origins. http://i.imgur.com/rakF7so.png

a. Milquetoast- Ordinary happy upbringing. All attributes average.

b. Lone Survivor- Lone survivor of a lost hamlet. High life essence and vigor.

c. Troubled Childhood- Suffered misfortune in youth. Highly resilient as a result.

d. Violent Past- Terribly violent past. Rash, but stronger for it.

e. Professional- Born specialist, fit for sleuthing or academia.

f. Military Veteran- Experienced in war. A soldier with strength and skill. [HIGHLY Suggest this for 1st run.]

g. Noble Scion- Scion to a respectable line with faith in your pedigree.

h. Cruel Fate- Faced terrible hardships, but now confident in your purpose.

i. Waste Of Skin- You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn't have been born.


Now the main event. Enjoy! 


1. There are two kind of weapons; Trick Weapons and Firearms. Trick Weapons[transformable weapons] are wielded on the right hand while the firearm is wielded on the right. Your main weapon can Transform in Mid-Combo at any time.

2. I cannot stress this enough, EXPLORE THOROUGHLY the entire game because there are ALOT of hidden things that will greatly benefit you.

3. Bath Messengers are the NPCs that allow you to Blood Echoes[Souls] for buying and selling items.

4. Headstones of Awakening are your means to fast travel around the game.

5. When you die, you are taken to this place called "The Hunter's Dream" which is the game's "Save Zone". 

6. Lamps are the equivalent of Bonfires but they will transport you the safe zone first before doing anything else.

7. Blood Vials = Eustes Flasks. Max is 20

8. Unlike Eustus Flasks, Blood Vials may be found all around the world on any enemy. 

9. Just like in the Soul Series, there is a back-stab mechanic but is sooo much brutal! 

10. In order to do a successful Visceral Attack [back-stab], you must do a Charge Attack to stagger your enemy. Also surprisingly enough, this can be done from the front as well.

11. After taking damage from an enemy, there is a period of time in which attacking back at the enemy will restore a certain amount of your HP back. 

12. Swinging your sword doesn't make any noise when near a mob of enemies. So you can fight one guy just 10-20 feet away from the enemy group. But if you use your firearm, it will attract EVERYONE to you and I highly advise doing that.

13. Your Firearm uses Quicksilver Bullets. Use them SPARINGLY as they are very precious and used for Parrying in special cases. 

14. There are alot of cheap jump scares so have an extra pair of underwear with you.

15. You'll need Bloodstones to fortify weapons.

16. When fighting Bosses, you can target specific parts of their bodies to slow them down.

17. You will find Pebbles around the game. They can be used to distract enemies.

18. Shooting your firearm will interrupt and stagger your enemy when properly timed with their attack. This is Parrying now.

19. Certain weapons can transform, making the damage or range different than it's previous form.

20. You can replenish your Quicksilver Bullet supply[+5] AT THE COST of your HP so use this as a last resort. Currently this is broken. You can recover that lost HP if you attack an enemy. So basically you can make an infinite amount of Quicksilver Bullets for as long you have an enemy nearby to attack and recover HP.

21. If you want to Co-Op with a friend, you need a Beckoning Bell.

22. You may setup "Watch Words" to make Co-Op sessions much easier. However using this system may cause the Bell Maiden to bring in invaders into your game sessions so you still have the Risk/Reward feel when playing.

23. If you die, the blood vials will not replenish automatically so you will have to farm them from enemies.

24. Dodging is far much better than the Soul Series. When locked on, your dodge becomes quick steps and can be done consecutively. Dodging also costs A LOT less Stamina than in the Soul Series.

25. Enemies are FAR MORE Dynamic meaning they will be constantly patrolling the level so you'll have to keep your guard up. Do not get overwhelm and over commit to a group of enemies or they can stagger you and insta-kill you.

26. There are a number of 26 Bosses so far found in the game. There are probably more. {heh...26 bosses for Tip 26 lol XD}

27. If an enemy kills you, you need to kill that specific enemy to regain your Blood Echoes.

28. Red Lanterns tell you an NPC is close by.

29. If you max out an item, the rest will be sent to storage in the Hunter's Dream.

30. If you do a Visceral Attack near other enemies, they will become stagger for a few moments.

31. Do NOT use all Coldbloods, some of them are necessary to initiate the Chalice Dungeons.

32. Using the Old Hunters Bone cost QS Bullets so use it carefully when fighting other hunters or bosses.

33. Some items have infinite uses but require the use of QS Bullets.

34. By using an elemental paper on an already arcaned/elemental weapon, you increase it's power even further.

35. For Defiled Chalice Dungeons, many think you need to kill the boss as fast as possible. I find this to be a very, very, very poor choice due to the fact you have half health and these dungeons rank 4. You should actually stay about mid range from the bosses in these dungeons and aim for their weakest point which usually is there head. For example I got Amygdala for one defiled dungeon. Don't go for any of his arm attacks, wait for his head to come close to the ground. Basically my point is Defiled Dungeon bosses shouldn't be rushed, they are about patience.

36. TBA


This section down here is especially made on how to defeat bosses. All will be hidden under the Spoiler tag if you do not wish to see them. MASSIVE THX to Argetlam350 from the AJSA Forums!!!


1. Cleric Beast: The first boss of the game (or at least for most it will be unless they choose to head straight to Gascoigne). This boss is rather slow compared to a good portion of bosses you come across in the game. However just because it's slow doesn't make it easier. One thing I came across is that riposting early in the fight makes it become more aggressive earlier in the fight so I recommend for those having trouble in the fight to hold off on the riposte until near half his health is gone since this is when he will start beginning to be more aggressive without the riposte. It's best to memorize his move patterns and hit him after one of his combos. Putting two hits in and dodging back is what I would recommend for safety unless you have enough health to get hit once if you happen to not back up in time and did a third hit on him.


2. Gascoigne: Here is where you put your dodging skills to the test it's best to use the gravestones in the graveyard to block his shots. If you are having trouble fighting him in the graveyard then take him to the upper area of the boss arena which can be found by going up to the stairs on the right. If you continue to have trouble then I recommend a method that is particularly a cheese. On the upper area there is a place where you can drop down, when you do you land on a little roof like platform. Here when Gascoigne falls (try to stay away from being under him when he does) start hitting him. He can hardly dodge you and rarely shoots his gun here. Just when he transforms make sure to get off the roof because the AOE will blast you off if you don't. If you manage to keep him actually on the roof you might even kill him before he transforms (which I did unknowingly).


3. Hemwick Witch(es): At first this boss seems to be one witch, this is wrong. There are two BUT you will only see the first witch's health bar. In order to see the second witch's health bar you must kill the first witch. I recommend ignoring the black phantoms they summon because they will hardly attack you unless you are really close to them. Look for the witches who will usually become visible when you are near one of them. The best thing to do IMO is to get the first witch's health bar (you know the health bar you can see) to about a third or forth. Now you should hunt for the second witch. You will know if you are attacking the second witch when the health bar of the first witch is not showing any damage numbers. Do this until you think you have reasonably brought the second witch down to a descent amount of health and then kill the first witch if she is still alive. Now you will want to kill the second witch fast because if you have played Dark Souls 2, similar to the Throne Defender and Throne Watcher fight, if you don't kill the second enemy of the fight, the first one will get back up, with around a fourth of health. They also will start using a grab attack which does considerable amount of damage. If you get caught by the blue orbs quickly tap circle as fast as possible to try and escape before the witch finishes the job.


4. Blood Starved Beast: This boss is rather sporadic and jumps around a lot so be ready to dodge a lot. Bring quite a few poison cures because the second stage of this fight will make the beast's attacks poison you and the third stage just being next to the beast will poison you. Other then that I can't say much because I beat her by the seam of my pants. There is also an NPC summon for this fight near the stairs you go down to the area before the fog gate. It is Alfred who you will meet while making your way down to Old Yharnam. He's slightly off to the side but he shouldn't be hard to find if you need help.


5. Vicor Amelia: Perhaps my most favorite fight of the game. It is best to stay mid to close range for the first part of the fight, and then a little further back for the second phase. The boss itself isn't to tough but at a certain percentage of health she will heal herself with the locket. Some of her moves will not hit you if you are right in front of her and will just go over your head. When she jumps at you while you are mid range from her I found it best to actually jump towards her, not away from her because most of the time I ended up behind her.


6. The Shadows of Yharnam: This fight, oh I hate this fight. This fight is like Ruin Sentinels from Dark Souls 2 and Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls. It similar to Ruin Sentinels since there are three enemies and they all look the same BUT unlike Ruin Sentinels and similar to Ornstein and Smough they all fight differently. One fights at long distance, one is mid range, and the other is up and in your face. To top it off with each one of these guys killed the fight gets even tougher. The first target you should focus on is the one who only wields the katana, while you whittle him down watch out for the fireball guy and use the large tombstone to cover yourself from his range fireball attacks. Near about twenty percent of his health the enemies will all transform, quickly kill the katana guy because the second phase just started and he becomes less aggressive rather then more. Once he is dead focus on the one who wields a fire katana but be careful. Now he has become Mr. Fantastic and can stretch his arm across rather far distances to hit you at times. This is also the same with the katana enemy if you do not kill him fast enough. Once again focus on the second enemy with the fire katana and just dodge the fireball attacks which there are now two variations of, ones that track you and another that arch in the air and come to the ground. Once he is dead it should be relatively easy to kill the fireball enemy. Though when the second enemy does this initiates the third phase of the fight where occasional he will summon phantom snakes to attack, so try to finish the fight as fast as possible because they hit hard. If you can also try to stand next to these summoned snakes (which you will notice where they appearance because a red circle appears where they will be before they are summoned) because they don't seem to always have good tracking and will miss you if you are close to them.


7. Rom, the Vacuous Spider: Welcome to your first Great One boss fight (at least it was for me) this fight isn't all that hard only one that requires some patience. When you first enter this fight Rom will be passive but once you hit him the fight begins. There are three phases to the fight, each phase is signified with several other spider minions falling to protect Rom. These guys are dispatched relatively easy, merely keep an eye on them so they do not flank you and dodge when they try to attack. Once you take care of them attack Rom but don't go for the head, because the head doesn't take much damage, it's the body you want to hit. You will know when phase two begins because Rom will teleport away and then bring in more minions. Now though with phase two you have to watch Rom at times because he will lift his body into the air at times which signifies an attack. This attack is a rain of ice bolts that come down to hit you. Your best option is dodge to the side. Take care of the minions while you watch him as well. Once they are dispatched you can fight Rom again but now you has two attacks. One is he will roll over and summon ice bolts to come up from the lake, the other is an AOE attack, both are relatively easy to see him telegraph. You will come to phase three when he teleports again and summons more minions. Same process as phase two, though now when you go and attack him he will also have a physical attack where he squirms around. Again rather easy to see coming and easy to dodge.


8. Darkbeast Paarl: Compared to the first video showing this boss, this boss is found in an entirely different place and not one you would actually think of finding him in. It is highly recommend you have high shock resistant attire for this fight. Now it is best to stay mid range, just out of his reach of sweeping attacks. When you can get under him because if you do enough damage to his legs, he will fall and thus loose his shock damage and only do physical damage. You primarily want to avoid getting caught up in his swiping combos.


9. One Reborn: Getting to this fight is tougher then actually doing this fight. Similar to Demon's Souls Tower Knight boss, you will have to run by the boss first and take care of six bell maidens that are on buildings on either side of the fight who seem to be either buffing this boss or perhaps are healing him but anyways you need to kill them and the only way up are stair ways on either side of the boss that are behind him. While fighting the bell maidens make sure you fight them from a side angel because they are position in front of broken railings so you can hit them off and the fall won't kill them. Once you have killed them you can focus on the boss which can be taken out with relative easy with plunging attacks. You just have to watch out for phase two and three because he will summon a shower of dead bodies upon you that can kill you with relative easy if you get caught under it.


10. Martyr Logarius: This fight is entirely optional but if you are looking for the Vileblood Covenant you will have to get past him. The first phase of the fight he sticks primarily to arcane/magic attacks which as long as you know how to dodge, are easy to get past. When at two thirds of his health he will enter his second phase where the fight becomes a challenge. He goes all in and will fight you with both scythe and sword. He is rather quick so you are going to have to watch him rather carefully to see what moves he is doing. Occasionally he will put his sword into the ground which will cause a arcane/magic attack to rain swords down around the area. All you have to do is hit the sword he put down into the ground once and it will stop. I recommend highly having Old Hunter Bone for this fight.


11. Amygdala: This fight you should stay mid or far range, staying under him imposes to much of a risk of him doing his jumping attack which is instant death if he lands on you. This fight you want to wait for him to lower his head, which he leaves open for a few seconds after every combo he does. You will have to watch out for this laser eye attack which causes the ground to explode where ever he hits. The third phase of the fight (the second phase doesn't really have much change from the first from what I noticed) is signified when he rips out two of his own arms and he will vary his laser eye attack to short bursts or his usual long burst. He will be more aggressive but the same rule applies, wait for his head, if not at least one of his hands and only after a combo.


12. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare: This fight is relatively simple. For a short while you are going to be chasing him around until he runs into a dead end room. There will be two mannequin like enemies which should be easy to take out and then focus on him. He hardly will attack you, you only need to watch out for when he summons part of Erebias which all you need to do is dodge backwards. About half health he will teleport away, and the side areas that were blocked off before where you were chasing him with now be open. You will find a staircase which you need to go up, there will be two enemies on the stairs, one with a sword and another with a crossbow. Again they are relatively simple to kill. You will have to chase Micolash again which will again lead to a dead end room but he will shut a gate behind him so you will have to find another means of enter which is by going up some nearby stairs and finding an entrance through the top of the room. Once in, the fight should be easy as pie, this time he will fight you but it will be with his fists which hardly do damage but if you are away from him he will summon several orbs that he will fire towards you, it's recommend to actually try and dodge towards him to avoid being damaged.


13. Mergo's Wet Nurse: Probably my second favorite designed boss in the game. The boss itself isn't all to hard, just dodge when you can and try to stay behind her, occassionally she will teleport if you stay next to her to long but finding her isn't much trouble. The only trouble you might have is she will at certain points make the entire area be covered in darkness and after loosing some health while the arena is like that she will summon clones with every move she does so then it's best to try and just survive rather then fight. It lasts for maybe a minute or two before the arena will go back to light but you can kill her before she does it or when she tries to do it, you can stun her from doing it with enough damage.

14. Emmisaries This fight isn't hard, in fact it probably ranks in the top three easiest fights in the game. The only thing to worry about are the minions that are summoned continously throughout the fight. There is no point in killing them because they will respawn. Best thing to do is drag the minions to one of the top areas on either side of the boss area. The boss himself will not go all the way up the stairs, making him easy to spot. When you get the minions as far as you can up, drop down off the ledge and quickly do as much damage to the boss before the minions come rushing down. Rinse and repeat basically throughout the fight. When his health is down to half, he will grow larger but continue the same process, just know now when he hits you it's going to hurt. About at a fourth of his health remaining he will become like one of his other counterparts who can shoot arcane bolts, this is when you will have to start watching him as well as the minions. Again the process is the same as before just that you will have to dodge arcane attacks.

15. Erebias, Daughter of the Cosmos: This fight, perhaps one of the toughest in the game. You will want to fight this boss mid to long range trying to bait any move that makes her lower her head. It's a game of cat and mouse. You don't want to get to close because her swiping attacks can reach far out due to her tentacles. One move to watch out for is her charge attack, this can be a one hit kill if you don't have high enough defense. Play the cat and mouse game hitting her head when you can, even through phase two which then she starts adding attacks that will increase rapid poison, until about at a third of health is gone. At this point she will summon arcane magic that forms over head and fires a volley of arcane bolts, usually three sets of them in a row. At this point you want to finish her off fast because the arcane attacks do a lot of damage. Dodge when you can and get hits when you can to end the fight fast.

16. Gernham, The First Hunter: So you've reached the end, here it comes down to your choice. If you refuse Gernham's offer then prepare for a fight. The fight itself isn't so hard if you are good with parrying, basically making it similar to Dark Souls final bass Gywn, though I find it more challenging then Gywn even with parry added into the mix. He is rather quick and has some rather long range moves with his scythe of his. The first part of the fight you just want to try and get hits in as you can without him hitting you to much, eventually he will switch from using the scythe to using the curved sword portion of the scythe and a gun, this is easiler to fight then the scythe. Just dodge his attacks and get as many hits as you can. When you reach about half way, he will begin teleporting around similar to the hunter bone item you can get in the game, he also can not be stunned like the first half of the fight meaning you can't stop his combo attacks. The fight is then about finding openings when you can and staying far enough out of reach to not take to much damage.

17. Moon Prescence: You seek the true ending do you hunter? Well look no further, here it is, you stand in front of the Moon itself, the creator of this dream scape. Now it's your time to take the mantle and lead men to a new future and be reborn. This boss is extremely fast and agile but I would say somewhat easier then Gernham, as long as you can stay behind it.


Badge Locations

Saw Hunter Badge: Found on a body in Central Yharnam next to the large pig that is in the sewers.

Radiant Sword Hunter Badge: Found in a chest in the Healing Workshop.

Crow Hunter Badge: Gained by either killing Eileen or by finishing her questline.

Cainhurst Badge: Gained by joining the Vileblood covenant.

Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge: Found on a body in Upper Cathedral Ward where all the werewolves are at.

Powder Keg Hunter Badge: Gained by befriending Guyra in Old Yharnam or by killing him.

Spark Hunter Badge: Gained from killing Darkbeast Paarl.

Sword Hunter Badge: Gained by Killing the Cleric Beast.

Wheel Hunter Badge: Gained from completeing Alfred's quest line or by killing him.

Old Hunter Badge: Gained from killing the final boss in the game.


Thank you everyone for coming here and those that have the desire to help others in improving their game. This post will be under constant updating when it is required or when someone has information they wish to share with the community. I appreciate everyone that comes here and give a helping hand to others. If you all enjoyed this thread and the information given, please UpVote the post and share your thoughts. The Tips & Help Threads are here to help anyone and everyone in their time of need. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask and the answer will come to you. Now I explained in the Rules Thread but I will say it again, please remain on topic and provide tips; this is not a general discussion of the game. Once again, Thank you!


Credits To The Extraordinary

1. Thaimasker

2. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/user/3966-argetlam350/


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So I hear it's 40+ hours long, any idea how many bosses? Bosses are what makes the souls games in my opinion.

​Not sure but the first boss is called the "Cleric Beast". If its the same as the other bosses, you can lock on to different parts of their bodies. Hell you can stagger them and do a Visceral/Critical Attack. Works with Back or Front of them, head, legs, chest, ect... Everything is fair game against Bosses.

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I've heard there's 16 bosses (not sure if true). No telling if that includes mini-bosses though.

There are 26 full fledged bosses discovered so far...that includes the bosses made for the chalice dungeon and main game but doesn't include regular mobs that were made into bosses for the chalice dungeon or any type of mini boss.

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26? Damn, really tempted to buy a PS4 for this game.

​Yep and possibly still more that hasn't been discovered since the chalice dungeons are randomly generated..From what I've been watching the chalice dungeons are the biggest selling point and I will be disappointed if they won't become a mainstay in the souls games.

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There are 26 full fledged bosses discovered so far...that includes the bosses made for the chalice dungeon and main game but doesn't include regular mobs that were made into bosses for the chalice dungeon or any type of mini boss.

​New and already helped immensely here. Thank you. Post Updated and Creds given.

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​New and already helped immensely here. Thank you. Post Updated and Creds given.

​No problem and thanks. Hopefully I can be of more help when I delve into the game myself!..Who am I kidding,knowing my skill level I'll spend the entire day failing to kill a boss :P..Oh and btw there is a way to kill the first enemy,there is a video on youtube of a guy killing him with his bare fists, no joke. Basically If you have enough patience and are skilled enough you could do it. 

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Ok posted here did not know about this section. 


Phil if you want camera to be slightly better disable camera auto adjust alot of those times you got stuck and camera fucked up will be alot less. 

Its in ds1 and ds2 and its a horrible thing to have enable no idea why the its on by default its horrible. 


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Use pungent blood cocktail for blood starved beast, it will attack wherever you throw it and ignore you completely. This will allow for a backstab or two. Repeat until it is dead.

The description that it is for a blood thirsty beast is the clue 

​But they still need to be staggered first right?

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