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Indie Game Marathon


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I don't expect him to have much trouble with Super meat boy, that game isn't too hard in early stages so I doubt he'll play it long enough to get to the tougher bits.

Binding of Isaac will probably destroy him.

If he plays To the Moon it will be disappointing if he doesn't finish it, as that game is mostly story.

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I liked what he played, but it's kind of lame he was trying to play Super Meat Boy on his keyboard. He said he didn't have a gamepad but that's pretty ridiculous when you can get a PC PS3 adapter for a few bucks.

​It was still hilarious especially at the end when he finally lost patience with it and quit.

Still, have to give him props for getting as far as he did. After the first 100 deaths, I would have said "SCREW THIS!" and left.

Binding of Issac was painful, but it was nice to see him make progress on it. Fez is a nice game, too bad its creator doesn't know how to handle criticism and continues to be a Jerkass. Still don't really understand that one to be honest.

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On 4/12/2015 at 10:45 PM, foodge said:

Any chance to continue playing any of these games, especially Hotline Miami?

Doubt it.

They'll have to win a poll first. Would be cool if he played "Hotline Miami 2".

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